May 29, 2023

How to enhance your online courses on your learning platforms?

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Many people want to educate themselves on different topics. Thanks to learning platforms, learning has never been that easy. Learning platforms propose different online courses depending on what you want to learn. However, more people will like to learn on your platform if your online courses are of good quality.

On which learning platform should I publish my online courses?

There are so many learning platforms, so it is not easy to pick one. Some of the most known platforms are Udemy, Coursera, and even LearnWorlds. However, if you hesitate between several, we have prepared a ranking with the 12 best video platforms for creating and hosting online courses & training to help you pick.

How can I improve my courses?

Now that you have chosen your learning platform, it's time to get started!

1- Get to know your learning platform

First of all, you need to know how to use the platform correctly. This sounds obvious, but if you are in too much of a hurry, you may make mistakes in trying to make your courses accessible. So take the time to look at tutorials or written explanations on how to publish your courses properly. This will help you avoid simple problems.

2- Personalize your courses

It is important to customize your online courses to make them unique.

First, always do an introduction before you start your course. You can introduce yourself, and talk about your professional background and some of your experiences that seems relevant to share. Not only will it motivate your students, but it will also humanize your classes. It will facilitate learning and people taking your course will want to continue learning with you.

3- Provide clear learning goals

Your learning objectives should be clear and specific. Every student wants to know where they will improve and what tasks they will be able to perform at the end of their training. If the proposed objectives are not clear or interesting enough. You risk losing students who will look for learning resources elsewhere. Therefore, before offering your courses to an audience, you must prepare your program well. In addition, knowing exactly where we are going to improve can be an additional source of motivation.

4- Offer courses by level

Not all students will start with the same level of knowledge and/or experience. It will therefore be important to specify whether your courses require a background of knowledge and experience to get started. If you forget to be specific and clear about this, some people will feel misled or demotivated, and this will not give you good publicity. Also, if you offer multiple types of courses by level, it will give you the opportunity to offer even more learning content and include the majority of people who want to learn more about your knowledge areas.

5- Improve student engagement

Motivation sometimes tends to wane as classes get harder and harder, so it's necessary to keep your troops motivated to avoid dropouts. You will need to find ways to keep your students in engagement. You can encourage them to do group discussions among students, ask them questions, and suggest exercises to improve. Furthermore, you can also offer them content to further their learning. There are also sites or apps to create polls that they can respond to regularly. This will allow you to learn more about your students, how to improve your courses, what they want to learn, etc...

6- Make your courses more attractive and accessible

It is important to make your courses accessible to the level of your students, as mentioned above. However, it is also crucial to make your courses accessible for people with disabilities. For example, you will need to subtitle your courses. Not only will this help deaf people, but the subtitles will also make your courses more attractive.

Checksub can help you make your content more accessible with subtitles.

How can you professionally subtitle your video courses?

With our solution, you can get subtitles and make them available to your students in no time. However, it can still take quite a bit of effort if you have a large volume of content.

We are well aware of this, and that's why you can contact our professional subtitling services directly from the interface. These experts will take care of your video projects, and deliver them to you by your deadline.

You won't have to worry about that anymore, and you'll get a flawless result. Don't hesitate to call on these services!

Online transcription: an easy solution

Another interesting pedagogical tool, the video transcription, gives you fixed and reliable pedagogical support. With a transcript, you can even convert your videos into notes or teaching documents!

Here are the different benefits to expect from it:

  • You can turn your impromptu classes or video meetings directly into notes and teaching aids.
  • You provide visual support that your learners can easily rely on and that they can memorize.
  • You allow an audience who has comprehension problems or who wants to save time to read a summary of your communication.

It can be quite difficult to do it by yourself. There are many online transcription software packages on the market that will allow you to do it just as well. Checksub is one of them.

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