12 best video platforms for creating and hosting online courses & training

Are you looking for a video solution to create and host your online courses and trainings ? Here's a list for you.

August 25, 2021
Video accessibility

In recent years, many teachers, trainers, and companies have turned to video to convey their knowledge and skills. Yet, this new format of online courses and training brings new challenges concerning user experience and accessibility. So to host educational video content or sell it to the largest number of people, you need more than ever to find the most reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use video platforms.

Here is a list of the best video solutions to get you started in e-learning, whether OTT or not.

Video platforms : All-in-one teaching video solutions


video platforms kaltura screenshot

Why use it?

Kaltura is the most complete video solution for teaching and hosting online courses. It provides a platform for video content management, streaming, virtual events, LMS, video calling and cloud TV. Its tools provide a flawless experience for a total video experience.

Who is it for?

Kaltura is designed for large enterprises with large and varied video needs. It will suit companies that need a reliable video hosting solution as well as those looking for a cloud solution to broadcast and organize events and shows.


video platforms dacast screenshot

Why use it?

Dacast is the professional streaming and broadcasting solution for distributing your courses to the largest possible audience. It gives you the possibility to securely host your videos with HTML5 video player, build your own OTT or VOD channel, or stream your events live. Its technology is flexible and adapts to very important resource requirements.

Who is it for?

Dacast is one of those video platforms that are ideal for professional educators and organizations that want to both broadcast and stream their online courses. Organizations will be able to easily broadcast webinars and training, while educators will be able to both live stream their courses and make them available on VOD.


panopto screenshot

Why use it?

Panopto is the gold standard in professional educational video solutions. It provides a video infrastructure that allows teachers to record, broadcast, host and structure their online courses. It stands out for its ease of use, to accelerate the learning process.

Who is it for?

Universities and educational organizations are Panopto’s number one target. They will find a high-level platform to manage the needs of their community and improve the educational experience of their students.

Video platforms : OTT video e-learning app


video platforms uscreen screenshot

Why use it?

Want to create and monetize your own educational broadcast channel? Uscreen’s video features allow you to produce and distribute your content in the form of streaming and on-demand catalogs. You can easily engage and convert your audience with hosting tools and earn a steady income from your creative work.

Who is it for?

Uscreen is for content creators who want to make a living from their online courses. They will benefit from Uscreen’s CMS and marketing solutions to increase the visibility of their brand and educational business.


video platforms muvi screenshot

Why use it?

Muvi is the must-have solution for creating your educational VOD platform. With a dedicated domain, web, android or IOS API, integrated purchasing and TV broadcasting features, it has never been easier to stream your courses. You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started, your creative talent will be enough. Otherwise, the customer support can always help you.

Who is it for?

The Muvi OTT solution is generally aimed at educational businesses that want to distribute their content on a larger scale. With Muvi’s tools, they will be able to create their own educational Netflix and fill the minds of their audience with new knowledge and discoveries.

Vimeo OTT

vimeo ott screenshot

Why use it?

Using its powerful video playback technology, Vimeo has recently entered the OTT platform market. It allows any creator and teacher to create their own broadcast channel at an affordable price. With Vimeo OTT, you can benefit from a flexible and reliable streaming and broadcasting application.

Who is it for?

Vimeo wants to help educational content creators go to the next level. With an OTT platform, they will be able to engage and monetize their audience even more, and have their own TV channel.

Online Video Courses Makers


video platforms hippovideo screenshot

Why use it?

Hippovideo is the video software of choice for creatively conveying messages and knowledge. Its original video recording, editing, and communication features will give you new teaching ideas.

Who is it for?

Hippovideo is the ally of educators and trainers who want to find new ways to stimulate the mind of their audience. They will be able to create more engaging and inventive video formats, but they will also be able to engage their students’ imagination through video creation.


video platforms moovly screenshot

Why use it?

With Moovly, you are sure to create educational videos that will catch your students’ and employees’ attention. With many aesthetically pleasing templates, you can create very simple and easy-to-read tutorial videos. Moovly also offers you all the features to share video lessons and assignments.

Who is it for?

Moovly is for all teachers and trainers who dream of a video tool that matches their imagination. With this video platform editing solution, they will only have to create their colorful and interactive lessons with their own hands.


video platforms learnworlds screenshot

Why use it?

Learnworlds gives you everything you need to create your online courses on your website. What makes it different from other e-learning solutions of the same kind is its interactive video player. Learnworlds allows you to add transcription, interaction, and title features to your videos to increase their visual impact.

Who is it for?

Learnworlds is for any teacher or coach who wants to manage their learning path and especially improve the video experience of their online courses. With this solution, you are sure to keep your students’ attention until the end!

Websites to host & sell online video training


video platforms udemy screenshot

Why use it?

Udemy is the most popular online course platform on the internet. By hosting your video courses on Udemy, you will have access to a large audience eager to learn new knowledge and skills, or even purchase your content. On top of that, the interface gives you all the tools to get started in teaching.

Who is it for?

Udemy will delight anyone who has ever wanted to make their skills and knowledge available to everyone. It’s a good start to make money from your own educational videos.


udemy screenshot two

Why use it?

Teachable offers you the perfect web infrastructure to start selling video courses. Whether it’s a domain and hosting in your name, a powerful video player, or emailing and marketing features, you’ll have everything you need to become a successful coach or educator.

Who is it for?

Teachable is the solution of choice for all individual coaches and educators who want to start their businesses. They will find all the web and video features to engage an audience and monetize their content.


video platforms skillshare screenshot

Why use it?

Skillshare makes it easier than ever to record a course and make it accessible to more people. If you have specific knowledge or skill, this is the place to show and teach your experience and expertise. With a very large acquired audience, SkillShare will give you the visibility you deserve.

Who is it for?

SkillShare is for enthusiastic teachers and creators who want to make a living on their own. They give them all the tools to build their own school and inspire a large community of followers.

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That’s it, our list of video platforms is over. Up to you to make your definite choice!

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