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A powerful subtitles editor

The platform integrates many automatic tools

and allows you to easily edit your project.

✍️ Automatic transcription

We use the best speech recognition technologies available for your language. We handle periods and commas perfectly, which is an essential element for subtitles. Try it and you will be surprised by the result!

👂 Automatic spotting

Automatic spotting allow you to synchronize your text with your video. With our exclusive process you can do it even after editing the automatic transcription. You save a lot of time without sacrificing quality.

🌎 Automatic translation

Automatically translate your captions from the source language into subtitles in many foreign languages. As always, we allow you to use the best technologies available in the field.

🎬 Exportation

Generate a one-click export from the platform. You can customize the font, size, color and positioning of the subtitles. You receive by email your video with the subtitles embedded.

And even more...

Like time code management, punctuation management, waveform view...

Create subtitles as a team

Are you used to work with others?
With colleagues, translators or clients?
Thanks to our collaborative platform you can manage all your projects and share them safely if necessary.

Find professional subtitlers

Don't you have time?
You don't speak the foreign language?
Entrust your project to one of our partners. They will take care of creating and checking your subtitles. You receive the finished project in your dashboard on Checksub.

What they think about Checksub

Mathieu Tonin

Co-founder of

"The offer on the market was quite expensive, slow and with random quality. The discovery of checksub changed everything.
The tool is hyper well thought out, the prices are right and the execution is as fast as it is qualitative."

Signe Jönsson

Localization Manager

I used to spend a lot of time managing feedbacks, approvals and following the schedule of each project.
Now, Checksub saves me an incredible amount of time. Their automatic transcription and machine translation is astounding. Well done guys!

🌎 Your subtitles
in +128 languages.

Our tool can automatically generate the captions
from your video in 119 languages, including :

  • English subtitle generator
  • French subtitle generator
  • Spanish subtitle generator
  • Chinese subtitle generator
  • German subtitle generator
  • Dutch subtitle generator
  • Italian subtitle generator
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