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We re-imagined the creation of subtitles using the latest technology. No more wasted hours transcribing and synchronizing each sentence by hand. Our platform generates an automatic script of that singing accent that gives rhythm to your videos and then translates it into more than 140 languages.

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Worldwide workforce

We have selected professionals willing to provide quality work. Once you validate your project one of them will quickly start working on it. If it is a translation project we always start creating subtitles in the source language. Then we work on adapting it into the requested language(s).

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The best subtitles are the ones that save you time. We use the best speech recognition technologies for the language of your project.

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Machine Translation


From your transcription the platform is able to generate your translations in more than 140 languages. This is a considerable time saving.

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Professional subtitler


In addition to powerful technologies, we allow you to call upon subtitlers to carry out quality work.

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Mathieu Tonin
Co-founder of

"The tool is hyper well thought out, the prices are right and the execution is as fast as it is qualitative.
The discovery of checksub changed everything."

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Once the subtitles are finalized the adventure continues on Checksub. Our platform allows you to customize the style of your subtitles. Choose a custom font you like, a color that fits your message and a background design.

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