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Upload your video, benefit of our subtitle generator then export your video. Period.

Don't spend hours creating your captions or subtitles.

Automatic captionning is magic

Transcribing the video is a time-consuming step in creating captions and subtitles. With Checksub you upload your videos and voilà ✨ you got an automatic transcription thanks to a powerful voice recognition technology. You can easily edit it to get the perfect result.

Review and edit easily

the automatic subtitles

You have more to do than spend days learning how to use a new tool. Our ergonomic interface allows you to quickly get to grips with the tool. From your first project you will be an expert.

Export your video

with burned-in subtitles

Style your own subtitles and generate a new exportation with burned-in subtitles. Very useful to share your original content on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo. The style of your subtitles becomes your identity. 😎

Auto subtitles translation

  • Auto translate subtitles in English
  • Auto translate subtitles in French
  • Auto translate subtitles in Spanish
  • Auto translate subtitles in Chinese
  • Auto translate subtitles in German
  • Auto translate subtitles in Portuguese
  • Auto translate subtitles in Dutch
  • Auto translate subtitles in Italian
  • Auto translate subtitles in Polish
  • Auto translate subtitles in Russian
  • Auto translate subtitles in Japanese

Create subtitles together

Need to have your project validated or proofread by someone else?
Send them a secure link allowing them to access your project.
This person will be able to view the video, modify the text and adapt the synchronization.
You can also use this feature to share your project with one of your translators.

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Are you a professional? 😎

Checksub is perfectly suited for global companies, subtitling and translation agencies or subtitlers.
You can create, manage and track all your projects in one place.

And you can easily share your projects with external translators.

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