April 12, 2023

The Best Solution to Make a Video Transcription

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, videos have gained momentous popularity, especially when it comes to sharing content online. Video is one of the best tactics in online marketing. Likewise, video transcription is equally important in video content marketing. Web pages that have video transcription generate revenue almost 16% higher as compared to web pages that lack video transcripts.

Back then, say almost a decade ago, a video was a pie-in-the-sky luxury for many marketers. This is because the video was too expensive. Since then, the video has become a staple in online marketing as well as it has now become an accessible must-have tool that helps businesses attract their targeted audience.

Did you know?

‘In 2018, almost 81% of businesses have used video in their marketing while in 2017, only 63% of businesses used video marketing.’

It  helps marketers to explain their products and services to their valued existing and potential customers.

What is Video Transcription?

It is the conversion process in which speech is translated into readable text form from audio.

Transcriptions can be created from films, online videos, webinars, news footage, podcasts, interviews and speeches.

Why Consider Video Transcription

For marketers, video is a key priority to generate a positive return on investment (ROI). Marketers are more positive about the ROI generated by video content. This helps businesses influence their traffic, enhance leads, boost sales, and improve the customer base.

Also, a huge number of consumers use videos as one crucial part of their journey with a particular brand. Consumers are even excited to see more video content in the upcoming years.

Just as video content is continually exploding across the web, marketers need to make their video content accessible and user friendly for their audience. At this point, it becomes vital for businesses that make most of the video in their content marketing. It improves the user experience, and by transcribing video, businesses can make it accessible for people who are hearing impaired.

Did we mention that transcribed videos can improve SEO?  John Mueller, an SEO giant Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, has confirmed that it can improve the searchability and indexing of audio-visual content.

If this is not enough to convince you about video transcription, PLY study has shown that chances are increased up to 80% that a viewer will watch the video to the end only when transcription is provided in the video.

Having discovered its importance, you might be wondering what the best solutions to transcribe a video.

So, let’s explore the best solutions available without further ado.

Best Solutions to Make a Video Transcription

To transcribe your video different solutions are possible:

  • recruiting a freelancer or an outsourcing company specialising in transcription
  • use an online automated transcription solution.

The automatic transcription solution has the advantage of being less expensive and faster. But if you want something perfect it is better to go through a proofreading stage.

Calling on a professional will be more expensive but has the advantage of being delivered a file that will be proofread. Note that in this case you must call a competent professional otherwise you will have paid more than an automatic transcription but will still have to do the proofreading step…


Trint, AI-powered software can easily transcribe audio from video into accurate, readable text. This helps save the time of many people. With Trint, you can also search, edit, and get most out of your video.

All you need to do is to upload your video/audio files into this video transcription software. Its interface is quite user-friendly. Also, you can edit text transcripts, if necessary.

Transcription service of Trint is fully secured and confidential. What’s more, with Trint, you can transcribe video in English (UK and US spelling) and 30 more global languages.


Checksub is a great solution for video transcription. This solution has the advantage of being able to create the subtitles of his video in addition to the transcription. Once the transcription of your video has been checked, the platform automatically transforms your transcription into subtitles. And if necessary you can modify the subtitling online.

Checksub offers you 2 options to get your videos transcribed. You can either entrust your video transcription projects to experts where your project is checked by an expert to ensure quality work is delivered.

You can take advantage of different free minutes to test the platform : Checksub offers

Or you can use automatic subtitling editor that provides the same quality result as it has been done by an expert’s hand. You'll just have the proofreading step to take on top of that.

Checksub ensures the quality of work using ‘4 eyes methodology’ wherein each project is checked by the second person.

Initially, subtitles and captions are created and validated to ensure that original captions are delivered in the video. Moreover, this video transcription service is available in more than 30 foreign languages.


Authot is an online platform for automatic video transcription and subtitling. Here, you can get your videos transcribed into readable text. The solution of quality video transcription is 95% reliable on high-quality files that are free from reverberations, noises, and speaker’s speech.

Authot also provides proofreading services for automatic video transcriptions. Experts at Authot are dedicated to manage your deadlines and adapt to your projects. Moreover, this online transcription service ensures the data confidentiality to all its customers.

What’s more, Authôt application can transcribe videos in almost 40 foreign languages.


A good solution for video transcription is Happyscribe. With this automatic transcription software, you can transcribe fast audios and videos into reliable and accurate readable text.

The video transcripts generated by this software ensure advanced punctuation in the text. Not only this, upon change of speaker in the video, this software also creates an entirely new paragraph. Here, you can also add the name of the speaker by clicking a button.

In case your video contains some specific terminologies and acronyms, Happyscribe allows you to add them to vocabulary so that it could be transcribed properly in the video. Moreover, Happyscribe takes your private information seriously.

Happyscribe offers its transcription services in more than 119 languages and accents.


You can use advanced speech recognition software of Temi to make a video transcription. However, to get a good quality video transcription, make sure the audio quality is good.

Furthermore, Temi ensures 90-95% accuracy for video transcriptions, when the audio is of high quality with a clear speaker, minimal background noise and accent.

With user-friendly and simple editing tool, you can clean-up the provided transcript. Besides, with this video transcription software, you can review the playback speed and adjust it accordingly.

It can also identify the change of speaker in the video and label each speaker’s audio accordingly.


Scribie allows you to make a video transcription in a hassle-free and timely manner. With Scribie, you can get transcribe videos with 99% accuracy. However, this accuracy is guaranteed only when audio/video criteria is fully met.

This video transcription service delivers accurate and quality work as each file of the customer is checked by experts multiple times. Moreover, You can get free re-reviews for your transcribed videos if you are not satisfied with the transcript quality.

Just like other solutions mentioned above, the maintenance of data confidentiality is the first priority of Scribie transcription services.

Wrapping Up

Due to the explosion of video content, your business marketing strategy requires a bit of effort to shine. What you can do to achieve success in your marketing is to transcribe your video content.

Video transcription is crucial to enhance customer experience by making your content accessible and understandable for them. For this, you can avail the best solutions to make video transcription that is mentioned above and the ones that suit your need best.

If you find these solutions helpful, please let us know in the comment section.

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