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4 eyes:
To guarantee quality work

One of the keys to the quality of our work is our "4 eyes" methodology. Since error is human, each project is checked by a second person.
This allows us to take a different look at the work accomplished and to improve it.

How it's works?

Whether for captioning or subtitling projects, we always start by creating the captions of the video.
The subtitling start once you have validated the subtitling. This is essential in our methodology and for this reason if you order a foreign subtitle we offer you the original captions.👌

  Create your order

Start by uploading your video on the platform. Set the original language and the desired subtitle language. We immediately calculate the project fee. Once the online payment has been made your project is taken care of.

  We create your captions   🎧

A captioner will create your captions in the original video language and a reviewer will proofread it to finalize the work.


You get an e-mail
when the captions are ready.


you can edit, share and export them.

(with translation)

  Validate the captions ✅

Once you "Validate" the original captions on the platform we start creating your subtitles in foreign language.

  We create your subtitles  🖋

A professional translator will create your subtitling in the desired language and a reviewer will proofread the final work.


You get an e-mail
when the captions are ready.


Once your subtitles completed.
You can edit, share and export them.

Export directly your video with your new subtitles

You can start to generate an export of your video by customizing the style of your subtitle.

How much does it cost?

Calculate your quote online according to the duration of your project and the languages you require.

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How long does it take to receive my subtitles?

Generally for a video under 10 minutes we deliver the captions in 12 to 48 hours.
For foreign subtitles, once you approved the captions you need to add about 2 days for translation and proofreading.
Of course, how long it takes to create your subtitles depends on the duration of your project. If you have a larger project you can contact us for an estimate of the turnaround time.

Quality, a priority!  👌✨

We know that quality work is essential for our clients. You can't afford to have subtitles with spelling mistakes, wrong spotting or with overly long sentences. And if you entrust your project to a professional it is not to waste your time correcting everything behind it. We are vigilant at every stage of creation; transcription, cutting, spotting and translation.

And our customers can confirm it!

A dashboard to follow
all your projects

Our platform allows you to follow all your projects from your dashboard.

Edit easily your subtitles.

When a project is finalized you can directly check and modify it online.

Work together on your project

If you wish to share the project with another person you can send them a link.
They can then view and edit the project without download.

Who are the experts who take care of the projects?

We select our partners primarily on the basis of quality. They live all over the world.
They are men and women between the ages of 22 and 62
who have many years of experience in their field.
For translators we only work with people who have a proven track record and who have generally completed a university degree.

What if I'm not satisfied?

The methodology put in place thanks to our experience generally
allows us to give satisfaction to our customers.
But if ever it happens that you are not satisfied with your project, you can directly contact us by email or via our live chat.

We will find the solution to satisfy you.

Our service is available in
14 languages

We can create subtitles in 14 languages for all your English and French videos.

We offer translations into Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

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Calculate the price of your project directly online.

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