How to put subtitles on your Udemy online courses?

You're looking for a way to add quality subtitles on your Udemy e-learning videos ? We've got what you need

December 18, 2020
Video accessibility

As part of the e-learning growing trend, Udemy helps educators and coaches share their knowledge and skills to a wide audience.

With over 100,000 online courses available, this platform already attract numerous users who want to accelerate their training and invest in their self-improvement.

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But Udemy content could have even more impact by working on its digital accessibility, notably by adding good subtitles.

We show you how to use the subtitle options on Udemy, and the benefits you can derive from them. Let the classes begin!

Why using Udemy online courses subtitles?

Udemy is one of the most popular e-learning platforms among independent educators. Its e-learning video format has many advantages. By creating a few interactive videos, you can share your expertise with many users.

But it also means you can face new issues, such as the digital accessibility of your content. Some users do not speak the same language as you or have deficiencies that prevent them from understanding your video.

As such, adding subtitles to your Udemy videos is crucial. But for other reasons as well, it will also increase the learning experience provided by your content. The various benefits of adding subtitles is to :

Here’s how you can do it easily.

Captioning your Udemy Videos: the different ways

There are not many options available for adding subtitles to your Udemy content. In fact, the only way to do so is to upload a VTT file to the dedicated subtitling interface. But to get that VTT file, there are several ways to do it:

For the first option, we warn you, it’a hard job. Transcription requires a lot of time and very specific skills, which are those of transcription professionals. One should not underestimate the difficulty of producing quality subtitles, that need to respect several rules and standards.

For the second option, automatic subtitling solutions can greatly facilitate the work, but still require human intervention.

For the third option, subtitling experts can take care of your video projects with guaranteed quality results.

Here we present our professional subtitling solution, Checksub, which combines the advantage of an automatic generator with the collaboration of experts.

How to generate quality subtitles on Udemy?

As speech-to-text technologies have emerged, a growing number of subtitling solutions are available on the Web. However, professional solutions are the most reliable for high-volume, high-demand projects.

We present here our subtitling platform for collaboration with subtitling professionals (agencies and freelancers). It integrates useful features :

This is the fastest and easiest way to proceed with our subtitling solution.

1# Upload your course on the interface

To start, log in on the Cheksub platform. By logging in, you will have direct access to the platform to upload your video. Select your content and indicate its original language. You can also choose between several languages to make the translation if necessary.

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To try the platform, you have 1 hour free. If this is not enough, you can buy credits at low prices.

The API will then perform the speech recognition and provide you with the result in a few minutes.

2# Check and optimize the transcription

When the result is ready, you can click on the language of your video and access the dedicated subtitle editor to check and optimize the synchronization.

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Here are some tips to optimize this task:

3# Import the VTT file to the Udemy platform

Now that you are satisfied with the result, you can upload your .srt or .vtt file from the “export” button. Simply upload it to the video interface of Udemy.

How to professionally subtitle your e-learning video?

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As you can see, with such a solution, you can get subtitles and make them available to your students in no time. But it is also true that it can still take quite a bit of effort, especially if you have a large volume of content.

We are well aware of this, and that’s why you can contact our professional subtitling services directly from the interface. These experts will take care of your video projects, and deliver them to you by your deadline.

You won’t have to worry about that anymore, and you’ll get a flawless result. Don’t hesitate to call on these services!

Online transcription: an easy solution

Another interesting pedagogical tool, the video transcription gives you fixed and reliable pedagogical support. With a transcript, you can even convert your videos into notes and teaching documents!

Here are the different benefits to expect from it:

Again, doing it alone is quite difficult. There are many online transcription software packages on the market that will allow you to do it just as well. Checksub is one of them.

We’ll let you try it out. If not, we hope we’ve helped you share your deep inspiration to your learners!

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