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The 24 Best YouTube Teachers to Learn New Knowledge and Skills

Do you want to learn new knowledge and skills with the best educational YouTube channels ? Here's a guide that covers every field you want to study.

July 8, 2021

With numerous quality educational videos, YouTube has become the platform of choice for school and college-like learning. And over the past few years, many teachers have taken their chance and created a learning channel.

The result is that now anyone can learn new knowledge and skills for free, with engaging and high quality teachers.

But it is not easy to find the best in their field. So here is a selection of 24 outstanding teachers who will teach you everything about Science, music, history or language.

Best Math and Science Teacher

TecMath – Math Made Really Easy

Tecmath’s talent is to render complicated mathematical concepts and problems in clear and precise language. With the help of simple drawing, he gives his learners step by step on the methodological approach and tricks to follow. He will easily replace your math teacher if you are struggling at home!

Walter Lewin – Fascinating Physic Teacher

If there’s one thing to say about Walter Lewin, it’s that he’s a physics teacher who doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Whether it’s through dynamic lectures or original experiments, Lewin will teach you the fundamental laws of physics with eloquence. Nothing better to get a head start on your physics curriculum!

Tyler DeWitt – Intuitive Chemistry Teacher

Tyler De Witt is the chemistry teacher you’ve always wanted. With patience and attention to detail, he will explain how to solve chemical problem equations. Just follow these instructions to understand the intricacies of chemical formulations.

Hussain Biology – Life Science made simple

Hussain Biology provides a visual explanation of how life works with its precise drawing diagrams. Its explanations are accessible to any student looking for a global vision of their biology course. If you need more clarifications, you should really take a look !

Dr. Najeeb – Comprehensive Medical Classes

Dr. Najeeb is the savior of struggling medical students. With great accuracy, he provides comprehensive and accurate instruction on the various diseases and structures of the human body. Using a simple chart, his diagrams will enlighten your mind.

Dr. Ali Mattu – Accessible Psychology Lessons

Whether it is for psychology students, patients or anyone else, the advice and lessons offered by Dr. Ali Mattu are always very enlightening and useful. He is able to make psychological practice accessible with videos full of good references and great energy. This is the best YouTube channel to get inside the head of a professional psychologist.

Jacob Clifford – Economics Basics to everyone

It is an understatement to say that Jacob Clifford dedicates all his energy to help economics students to succeed. With his quick and easy videos summarizing key economics concepts, your economics classes will stick in your head for a long time. Clifford gives you useful insight into your revisions and has a dynamic and refreshing tone.

Best Coding Teacher

Derek Banas – All-in-one Coding and Data Teacher

Derek Banas has the incredible ability to make any concept covering programming, data science and AI simple. You will find all the information you need to become a better developer. His playlist tutorials are especially comprehensive in teaching you to master new languages and systems.

Kudvenkat – Lessons to become software engineer

Kudvenkat is driven by a belief: that anyone has the right to learn software development with motivation. That’s why he offers his very detailed and clear courses on different types of infrastructure and programming languages. You will find everything you need to grow your coding skills and become a full-fledged developer!

The New Boston – Expert Teachers to Learn All Programming Language

The New Boston is a YouTube channel that collects programming courses from well-known programmers on the platform. It provides you with the best tutorials on many programming languages. Just watch the dedicated playlists, and you will be introduced with great clarity to the basic commands and operation of these systems.

Best Language Teacher

Ronnie – Instructive and Thoughtful English Teacher

Ronnie is the most adorable and educational English teacher on YouTube. With great patience and empathy, she is able to make any non-English speaker understand the basics of English. By watching these videos, you are sure to progress quickly in English, especially if you are a beginner.

Vincent – Learn French Easily

You want to learn the subtleties of the French language without losing your head? Vincent has the ability to teach French with great rigor and finesse. With him, you will know all the essential notions of this difficult language to speed up your learning.

Butterfly Spanish – Impactful Spanish Lessons

With great teacher Butterfy Spanish, you’ll learn all about Spanish grammar and pronunciation. Behind her blackboard, she will train you to speak Spanish by yourself with great vivacity and simplicity. This is the free online course you need to get by in a Spanish-speaking country.

YoYo Chinese – Clear and Stimulating Chinese Classes

With her big smile, YoYo Chinese will teach you the basics of Chinese pronunciation, grammar and conversation. Her lessons are very clear and motivating and will make you learn even more about Chinese. All you have to do is to start!

Best Music Teacher

Music Matters – Extensive and Enjoyable Music Theory Teaching

Want to deepen your understanding of music? Music Matters covers the fundamentals of music theory in a highly educational way. From harmony theory to music composition, you’ll have everything you need to master or create scores.

Marty Music – Easy-to-Begin Guitar Lessons

Marty Schwartz is the coolest guitar teacher you can find on the internet. He’ll give you your first guitar lessons, and you’ll be able to play some great tunes right away. With his many lessons to play acoustic, pop or rock classics, you will also find something to impress your friends.

Andrew Furmanczyk – Lovely and Instructive Piano Teacher

There are few piano teachers as pleasant to listen to as Andrew Furmanczyk. With patience and sympathy, he teaches you to position your fingers correctly on the instrument and to understand your musical scores. There is no better way to start playing the piano at home.

Todd Ehle – Learning the Best Violin Techniques

There are many piano professionals on YouTube, but Tod Ehle will teach you the best techniques to progress quickly. For such a complex instrument, he is able to teach you the right moves to master and make it accessible to everyone. A must-have for all violin lovers.

Adam Neely – Elaborate and Advanced Music Lessons

Want to take your music learning even further? Adam Neely covers more advanced and sophisticated topics in music theory and practice. From song analysis to a more in-depth study of melodic mechanics, he has something for everyone who wants to hone their ear and musical sense.

Best History and Literature Teacher

CrashCourse – Exciting History Lessons

Crash Course is known for its interactive and informative videos on many subjects. But it is on historical topics that the magic of this YouTube channel appears. You won’t find more entertaining content to learn about the major conflicts and upheavals in history.

Exploring History – In-details Political History Explanations

Do you want to go even further in the study of history and socio-political mechanics? Exploring History takes you behind the scenes of the secret strategies that caused the great events of history. You will gain a more accurate and true vision of political and historical movements.

Rebecca Balcarcel – Insightful Literary Analysis

Rebecca Balcarcel is one of the few YouTube girls who have dedicated her channel to the analysis of great works of literature. Whether it’s for your studies or just for curiosity, you’ll understand what made the greatest writers successful and recognized. With it, you are sure to pass your literary essay.

Wireless Philosophy – Fascinating Philosophical Lessons from top professors

Always had a secret passion for philosophy? Wireless Philosophy will awaken it with its detailed descriptions of the ideas and movements of the great philosophers. With animated drawings, you’ll understand everything about ethics, epistemology, metaphysics and more.

Geography Now – Engaging Lessons about Every Country You can Imagine

Want to know more about every country around the world? Geography Now offers in-depth and dynamic presentations on the flag, geography, culture and politics of each country. With their videos, you will know the intricacies of every country in the world!

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