18 Best Video-Editing YouTube Channels to Learn all about Filmmaking

Do you want to level up your filmmaking skills ? Check out this curated list of the best video-editing YouTube channels.

July 26, 2021

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Want to get started in video editing or level up your skills ? There is a huge offer of video creators on YouTube who teach you their best editing techniques.

But it’s not easy to choose the one that best suits your needs and resources in terms of editing, video effects, artistic choices or equipment. Here is a list of the 18 best YouTube channels to help you grow your filmmaking skills. Check them out one by one !

YouTube Channels For Video Beginners

Meredith Marsh – Learning the Basics for your Video Business

Always wanted to start your own online business? Meredith Marsh teaches you the basics of video editing to sell your product online. With great pedagogy and simplicity, she will help you use basic video software. If you want to get started, Meredith is your ideal companion.

Jeven Dovey – How to start VLOG Storytelling

Jeven Dovey is the master of VLOGs. With his extensive experience, he will teach you how to tell a story to your audience through a lively and interactive video format.

You will learn how to use the right tools to create your video blog or YouTube channel from scratch, and how to engage your audience. You will also learn how to use equipment like drones to immerse your audience in your stories.

Premiere Gal – Everything About Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the must-have tool for video creators, and Premiere Gale will tell you everything you need to make videos easily. This Youtuber has all the tips to help you speed up your workflow on Adobe or create new and engaging effects.

If you want to get started on an all-in-one video software, this YouTube channel is for you.

Peter McKinnon – Inspiring and Motivating Video Creator

Peter McKinnon is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the editing world. He has earned his reputation for extremely well made videos and crazy inventiveness.

He will teach you how to create perfectly adjusted videos, and give you the inspiration to become the best filmmaker you dream of being. This is the king of motivational content on YouTube!

YouTube Channel for Advanced Filmmakers

YCImaging – How to make Good Music Videos

YCImaging is a music video pro, and he will teach you how to make videos that look professional and qualitative.

His tips will guide you in buying the right equipment, shooting a good video and editing your creations without blemishes. With it, you are sure to level up your work as a video creator!

Kaptain Kristian – In-depth Exploration of Classic Filmography

Want to know the secrets of the great film directors? Kaptain Kristian has a knack for getting you into the heart of the artistic choice of great movie creators.

With videos that are always accurate and informative, you’ll find inspiration to make videos that make a difference in your industry. Check it out if you want to create your own artistic style.

The Film Look – How to get Stunning Video Pictures

If you want to become a film director, The Film Look gives you all the elements to make your dream come true. Whether to get blockbuster-like colors, show professional FX, write a great script, or even create your own impactful soundtrack, this channel tells you everything about movie making.

Through it, you’ll create videos that will blow your audience away.

Aputure – All About Cinematographic composing

Aputure is the YouTube channel for film professionals.

By listening to expert advice, you’ll learn how to set up a studio with perfect lighting, shoot a highly technical scene, or get the latest video equipment. With them, you’ll get a professional looking video.

Video and Sound Effects YouTube Channels

Cinecom -VFX Essential Channel

Cinecom is a creative team known for their Premiere Pro tutorials and their well known FX analyses. This crazy and hilarious bunch of friends knows how to make film techniques accessible to anyone.

With their demonstrations, you will be able to create amazing FX effects with simple techniques. An essential reference on this subject !

Justin Odisho – Learn All Kinds of Video Effects

Justin Odisho may have less impressive effects than Cinecom, but they are just as effective at engaging your audience.

Whether you’re on Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effect, Justin has a very comprehensive list of video effects that you can do with a few clicks. It’s a fun way to learn FX!

BlackMixture – Crazy Visual Effects

BlackMixture is a YouTube channel of motion designers who will introduce you to new video effects. You will learn how to master basic FX software like Adobe After Effect or Blender 3D. Nothing better for deep video effects lovers.

Frame Focus – Behind the Scenes FX

Always wanted to know the secret recipe for awesome action sequences on movies ? Frame Focus takes you behind the scenes of the editing of surreal movie effects.

You’ll discover the meticulous work of video designers. And maybe even some design ideas for your own videos.

Color Grading and Light Editing YouTubers

ColorGradingCentral – Everything about Video Color Grading

ColorGradingCentral is a YouTube channel dedicated to the difficult task of color grading. The creator of the channel is himself a professional colorist who will guide you through the use of color in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and other video solutions.

With this channel, you are sure to expand your color palette like never before!

WaqasQuazi – How to become a Professional Colorist

Wasquas Quazi is also an expert colorist who will introduce you to the basics of his art with great pedagogy. Whether it’s how to achieve a cinematic look, harmonize images or apply quality LUTs, you’ll learn more and more about this difficult task.

This channel is for future colorists in the making!

Aidin Robbins – Improving Your Light and Color in Your Video

If Aidin Robbins doesn’t just talk about color grading, he can however teach you a lot about editing light. In his short films on YouTube, he shows already how good he is at creating visual atmospheres. With him, you’ll learn how to create great looking and photographic travel videos.

His clear explanations will help you transfer your photographic skills into video creation.

YouTube Channels for Video Gear Review

KaiW – All Camera Reviews You Ever Wanted

Are you lost among the countless choices of cameras of all brands and lenses? KaiW reviews the latest releases and trends to help you with your video shopping.

You will always be sure to get a synthetic and clear presentation of the features of new cameras, and why you should or shouldn’t spend your money on them.

Andyax – The Video Equipments You Need to Level Up your Game

Whether it’s a new camera, equipment or software, Andyax gives you everything you need to start your video production business. Andyax will give you the right choices in terms of value for money, so you can invest in equipment that will speed up your shooting.

Andyax also advises you on many other topics related to setting up a production studio, so don’t hesitate if you are interested.

DLR Video Shooter – Create your Entire Video Studio

Looking for the perfect equipment for your video project? DLR Video Shooter gives you advice on countless cameras and tools for every need. Just watch his videos to find the perfect solution, and save time in your purchases.

A real must-have!

So, there you have it, the best YouTube channels to learn video editing. And if you want to speed up your subtitle worflow, check out our automatic subtitling solution.

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