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12 Best Science Educational YouTubers to Learn Fascinating Insights

Do you want to brighten your mind with top science-related YouTubers ? Here are the best of the best of their field.

June 30, 2021

YouTube is full of video creators with new and original ideas. Especially when browsing through science-related YouTubers, you can learn a ton about your surroundings and make fascinating discoveries.

It’s also a way to see how video creators can make complex and in-depth explanations accessible to anyone.

Here are 12 well-known YouTube video makers who will introduce you to the beauty of various science fields, and help you explore new facets of your world

Math & Problem-Solving Youtubers

NumberPhile – Entertaining Math Problem-Solving

We all know how difficult math can seem. Brady Haran translates mathematical ideas to everyone by interviewing mathematicians explaining complicated concepts. Whether it’s how to scientifically cut a cake or win at rock paper scissors every time, the execution is always very intuitive. We find ourselves enjoying each new episode and loving the subtleties of the mathematical problems for our minds.

MindYourDecisions – Viral Math Problems

With his YouTube channel dedicated to improbable and viral mathematical problems, Presh Talwalkar has the gift of stimulating our mind with permanent intellectual challenges. With very simple animations and straigh-to-the-point explanations, MindYourDecisions shows us that we are capable of solving complicated logical problems with a little common sense. It also trains us to have the right method for everyday mathematical and geometrical problems.

Vsauce – the new Socrates of Thought Experiments

With Vsauce, Michael Stevens has created probably one of the YouTube channels that digs deepest into the habits of our mind. He faces us with startling questions about human nature with a dramatic tone all his own. With his stunning videos and the creation of his MindField series, the Vsauce team wants to show us how things are always more complex than they appear.

In a Nutshell – MindBlowing Scientific Animations

In a Nutshell is a German team of videographers who create probably the most fascinating animations of all science-related YouTubers. With great creativity, they explore the mysteries of the universe and humans, and make us dream of other possible worlds. They can go from subjects like psychological loneliness to the future of humanity in the universe, and teach us the limits of our own imagination and life on earth.

Physics and Chemistry YouTube Channels

Minutephysics – Bright Physics Explanations

Ever been fascinated by the oddities of quantum physics or dark matter without being able to understand them clearly ? MinutePhysics explains complicated physics concepts in a few minutes. With great clarity, Henry Reich’s videos use beautiful cartoons to familiarize you with the most difficult physics concepts. You’ll learn a lot about the mysteries of the universe in no time!

Cool Worlds -Astronomical Mysterious Facts Debated

CoolWorlds is the brainchild of David Kipping and his team at Columbia University. It is dedicated to the possibility of an extraterrestrial civilization but also to other intellectually challenging astronomical phenomena. With his calm and relaxed voice, David takes us to the far reaches of the universe, and gives us thoughtful and reasonable answers to the big questions of astronomy. This is must-read content for any metaphysical thrill seeker!

Nile Red – Eye-Catching Chemistry Experiments

NileRed is the YouTube channel of a chemistry enthusiast who wants to make chemistry (an often neglected science) attractive to the public. With videos showing impressive chemical effects and with clear and precise explanations, this young man has succeeded in his bet to make chemistry an instructive show. And to tell the truth, one cannot help but watch one video after the other, without even knowing a single notion of these videos. It makes you want to try by yourself!

Physics Girl- Physics Weird Phenomena Made Easy

Physics Girl is a project by Dianna Cowern dedicated to the funny phenomena encountered by physicists. With great creativity and humor, she deconstructs how they work, and proves how unpredictable physical forces can be.

If you want to learn more about the concepts of your physics classes in a concrete and funny way, you should watch her chanell without hesitation!

Biology and Psychology YouTube Creators

Minute Earth – Insightful Animated Stories

The stories told by Kate Yoshida will give you a new perspective on nature and the earth that supports it. With great vividness, MinuteEarth explains the most unexpected mysteries of biology and the small details that make life so special. The themes vary greatly and show that everything is always more complicated than we think.

Deep Look – Awesome Biological Close Looks

With Deep Look, expect to see a show that is as close to nature as possible! The idea is simple: shooting the most fascinating life forms up close and tell their story. Laura Klivans and her team of specialized videographers use macrophotography to immerse us in the microscopic world of insects and other bugs. They show us how the unexpected can be played out in the smallest of dimensions. A must-have for biology lovers!

Armando Hasudungan- In-depth Medical Explanations

Do you want to learn easily how a disease or a phenomenon of the human body works? Armando Hasudungan is an aspiring physician who uses his incredible drawing skills to teach the intricacies of medical concepts. His colorful creations make us want to learn more about our bodies, and enlighten us on the ailments and physiological phenomena that can happen to us on a daily basis.

BrainCraft – Truth-Shattering Psychology Lessons

BrainCraft is a YouTube channel created by a behavioral scientist to help us discover the subtleties of the human brain. Our human psychology is influenced by many strange factors, and Vanessa Hill is here to explain them to us brillantly. She focuses especially on the impact of new technologies on our addictive behaviors, but also on questions as concerning as how to sleep well or stop thinking too much. With her, you are sure to have a good time and find the right tips to feel good about yourself!

So here are the top scientific minds on YouTube that will brighten your mind and world perception. Get them a try !

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