20 Most Entertaining and Fascinating Italian YouTubers to Watch

Do you want to discover the Italian language and way of living ? Here's a top of the best Italian YouTube Channels to learn and have fun.

August 23, 2021

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Do you want to discover the Italian language and way of living? Here’s a top of the best Italian YouTube Channels to learn and have fun.

Always want to learn more about the Italian language and society? YouTubers often serve as a gateway to countries with such specific habits and lifestyles.

But what are the must-see Italian YouTube channels to learn more about the Italian way of life? Here we give you our top 20 Italian YouTubers who will entertain, educate and teach you about exciting topics.

The Most Entertaining Italian YouTube Channels

Casa Surace -Hilarious Sketches Around Italian Debates

There’s nothing like a good laugh to learn about a new country. Casa Surace deals with the issues and debates that agitate Italians’ mind with lightness and humor. They play with the rivalries between the North and the South of Italy to make fun of the prejudices of each other. With their videos, you will get to the heart of the differences in Italian culture.

HumanSafari – Memorable VLOGS and Travel Channel

Do you like travel and adventure? HumanSafari takes you on expeditions to unexpected places. With their team of adventurers, they will bring you closer to their journey, whether in Italy or in countries around the world. You are sure to be thrilled with their many fascinating discoveries.

Anita Stories – Strange and Introspective Short Stories

Anita Stories is certainly the strangest and most enchanting YouTube channel. In her videos, Anita experiences fascinating misadventures that always end with an emotional twist. These stories have already seduced many viewers, younger or older, who love colorful and fantastic creatures. Nothing better to escape our everyday life.

Gli Autogol – Parody and Fun Discussions about Italian Soccer

If you follow the Italian soccer championship, you’ll love Gli Autogol. Whether it’s fun videos about soccer news, parodies that play with soccer references or exclusive interviews with players, you’ll be able to feed your passion for your favorite Italian clubs. Perfect for any soccer fan.

Two Players One Console – Lovely Gaming Duo

Why play alone when you can play together? Two Players One Console is the YouTube channel of two gamers who have fun and confront each other in the video games of the moment. There’s not a time when the duo doesn’t make us smile, with their new challenges or with their very endearing mimics. Nothing better to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Maryna – Very Funny Girl Life Parodies

Maryna is the funniest woman Italian YouTuber on the Internet. With her sketches always punchy and very relatable, you will quickly identify with her daily misadventures. Maryna has a gift for making us laugh about our personal problems and habits – and self-irony is always good for the nerves…

Alberto Neska – Becoming a Professional Moto and Auto Pilots

Are you passionate about motorsports and motorcycles? Alberto Neska is the reference on this subject in the Italian YouTube. As a driver of all kinds of machines, he tells you about his adventures on the road, but also comments and discusses the latest news and sports news. Plus his little touch of humor, you are sure to have a good time with him on the road!

The Most Instructive Italian YouTubers – All the News and Facts About Italian Society

The Italian society is animated by many questions and issues that FanPage addresses with abundance. This YouTube channel deals with current events and reports on little known societal topics. You will find a very detailed and extensive vision on the life of Italians.

Angelo Greco – Useful Legal and Business Advice

Angelo Greco has a gift for clearly explaining the intricacies of Italian law. Whether it is property, individual or business law, Angela is a lawyer who will guide you through the legislative process. You will find out what you can and cannot do in Italy, and how to never get in a complicated situation.

Just Mick – Fascinating Philosophical Investigations

Have you always nourished a secret passion for philosophy ? Just Mick will take you on a fascinating journey of reflection on consciousness, the mind and our place in the world. With his simple yet deep explanations, you will gain a more vivid awareness of your surroundings.

With its simple yet profound explanations, you gain a more vivid awareness of your life and actions. A true intellectual feast!

NovaLectio – Passionate Historical Lessons

NovaLectio is the YouTuber you need if you want to learn more about moments and events in history, especially related to Italy. You will discover unexpected facts that may have changed the course of history. You will also learn a lot about the political and economic functioning of different countries in the world. NovaLectio has always new insights to feed your geopolitical culture.

Link4Universe – Engaging Discussions about Space Events and Facts

If you are a space enthusiast, Link4Universe will share its science and enthusiasm about astrophysics and space expeditions. He has the talent to shed light on the shadows of the past and future space missions, and to comment on the most important films that have been made about space. You’ll never get tired of him!

GioPizzi – Close-Look Discussions about Italian Politics

Do you want to get closer to the political debates that shake the Italian mind? GioPizzi will be able to describe to you the ins and outs of the discussions about the political events of the country and the latest legislative discussions. You will feel closer than ever to the concerns of Italians.

The Best How-to Italian YouTube Creators

Fatto in Casa da Benedetta – Best Italian Cook on YouTube

Do you dream of good traditional Italian dishes? Whether it’s pizza, pasta, cakes or other typical Italian dishes, Benedetta will make you happy. With her great expertise, you will know how to cook like a real Italian grandmother. To your stoves!

ClioMakeup – Interactive Make up Tutorial

If you want to have Italian style beauty tutorials, ClioMakeup is for you. She will teach you many palettes to fit any social occasion. Clio also shares her life moments with complicity. With her, you are sure to have a new friend by your side!

Fraffrog – Interesting Design Tutorial and Insights

Fraffrog is an adorable YouTube girl who will awaken the genius artist in you. With her videos on drawing, painting and digital design, you’ll find it fun to express your creativity. Don’t hesitate to follow these lessons and try out these little tricks for yourself.

L’Arca Del Idee – Life-Saving Plant Tricks

The art of botany is a difficult one. Fortunately, the Arca Del Idee is here to give you miraculous techniques that will make your plants grow in no time. With very educational videos, you won’t have a hard time knowing what to do and how to do it. This Youtuber will help you beautify your garden like never before!

AlmaPhysio – Essential Health and Fitness Tips

Want to feel good about your body? AlmaPhysio has the best health and fitness tips to find the lifestyle adjustments that work best for you. Whether it’s changing your diet or practicing better posture, AlmaPhysio will be the Italian coach for all your aspirations and problems.

La Scimmie Yogo – Learn your Meditation and Yoga Morning Routine

To find serenity in your body and mind, La Scimmie Yogo has everything you need. This YouTube artist knows the power of habits, and will give you complete yoga and meditation exercises to follow to find calm in your life. Just follow these gestures and breathes to learn the best techniques and regain control of your body.

Mattley – Concrete Do-it-Yourself Tips

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Well, Mattley and his practical tips will delight you. Whether it’s fixing your door, decorating your house or redesigning your garden, Mattley will always have an idea to guide you in designing new objects. Learn how to do-it-yourself with his videos, and you’ll gain the satisfaction of a job well done.

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