How to Transcribe a Zoom Meeting- Solutions for Zoom Meeting Transcription

Among the crowded video conferencing marketplace, you can find hundreds of web conferencing tools. Yet, Zoom remains to be one...

April 20, 2020

Among the crowded video conferencing marketplace, you can find hundreds of web conferencing tools. Yet, Zoom remains to be one of the leading online meeting tools when it comes to meeting, conference calls, and webinars.  

Zoom meeting, no doubt, lets participants focus more on discussion rather than taking notes. After the meeting is finished, recap recording, as well as the transcript, can be sent to the audiences. Moreover, Zoom meeting transcription is one of the alternative methods that let the audience understand the content in case they failed to hear out your audio for any reason.

Transcribe Zoom Meeting

But how to transcribe a Zoom meeting is one question that bothers many of us who take an interest in conducting Zoom meetings. If you don’t know what are the best possible options for Zoom meeting transcription. Well, stop worrying now! This guide is all about how to transcribe a Zoom meeting. 

Before discussing the solution for Zoom meeting transcription, initially let’s learn how to download the Zoom video. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

How to Download the Zoom Video to create Zoom Meeting Transcription

Before creating transcription, you need to download zoom video. Follow these simple and easy steps to download zoom video.

Step 1:

Simply go to, find your desired video and copy the URL address of the video from the address bar.

Step 2:

Paste this URL into the address bar of any video downloaded and click on the download button

Step 3:

Now click on the download button showing at the pop-up window.

Pro-tip: you can get that work done with the help of mobile Zoom video downloader app.

Best Solutions for Zoom Meeting Transcription


With its easy to use automatic transcription platform, you can create your zoom meeting transcription with 100% accuracy in no time. Get your zoom video transcribed using these easy steps:

  • Sign in to Checksub or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Upload the video that you want to transcribe
  • Set the original language of the zoom meeting and desired language for subtitles
  • Once your transcription is ready, you’ll be notified by an e-mail
  • Now you can either edit, export or share your transcribed video to any platform

The good news is that Checksub allows you to generate the transcription but also the captions and subtitles. And if needed you can even use machine translation. This is a great way to share the content of a meeting with people who don’t speak the language.

There are certainly other solutions as well that you can avail to get zoom meeting transcriptions such as through YouTube, Speak Write, and so on. Utilize any transcription software that suits you and get your zoom meeting transcriptions to promote work continuity.  

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