July 25, 2023

What is the difference between automatic voice-over and dubbing?

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Automatic voice-over and dubbing may be the same to you, nevertheless, it is not. As a reminder, video dubbing is a process that allows the addition of new dialogues and also adding other sounds to the soundtrack of a video that has been previously shot. Voice-over is a type of dubbing, but more precisely, it is when only the voice of an unseen person is recorded for off-screen use. Unlike, voice-over, automatic voice-over is also when a voice is recorded, nevertheless, not by an unseen person but with the help of software that can create synthesized voices.

Lately, the automatic voice-over is more particularly used by the users of the TikTok application. Indeed, there is a feature called text-to-speech that allows the users to add an automatic voice over. However, this feature is only available for videos that are intended to be uploaded to the TikTok social network. If you want to add an automatic voice-over, you can find text-to-speech software or even an application with an automated voice over.

Automatic voice-over and dubbing can be used in many situations, whether in a professional or personal context. It is possible to hesitate between these two solutions. So, we will see the difference between these techniques and why it is more interesting to choose one alternative over the other one.

Why choose automatic voice-over?

With automatic voice-over, you can add a recorded voice made with the help of voice synthesis software.

In terms of audio rendering, an automated voice has a tone that does not show any emotion. The voice is generated with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). Sometimes, the pronunciation of the words is not the one you expected. For example, acronyms may not be pronounced correctly. Also, a voice-over is more noticed by an audience since the narrator has a less natural voice than a human being.

Automated voice-over allows you to keep the original audio if you want to. It translates the message you intended to share, but nothing else.

They are also different types of voice-over that are not automatic. You have an UN-style voice-over that may fit your needs if you're looking for a less automated narrator.

Why choose dubbing?

Dubbing allows you to add new dialogues and also other sounds to the soundtrack of a video that has been previously shot.

Concerning the level of the audio rendering, dubbing allows a narration with more emotions. Just like the automatic voice-over, voices are generated with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). Dubbing sounds somehow more natural than the automated voice-overs and is less noticed by the public.

It takes a lot of rigor to deliver quality dubbing. You don't simply translate a message. You need very precise timing and a voice consistent with your video content.

They are also different types of dubbing like lip-sync dubbing or dialogue/voice replacement. You will have to choose which one you prefer.

Automatic voice-over VS Dubbing: what are the pros and cons?

Now that we have defined what automatic voice-over and dubbing are. Let's see the benefits and disadvantages of these two solutions.

First of all, the most expensive option is dubbing, so if you have a small budget, it will be easier to use automated voice-over. Depending on your project, automatic voice-over and dubbing can take time to be produced. It is up to you to decide which tool you prefer and which one would be the fastest for you to use. In general, it will be the automatic voice over that is the fastest to produce. As a matter of fact, dubbing is a very time-consuming process. In any case, the dubbing may be more suitable for your project, so decisions will have to be made.

You also have to consider your audience and the type of video content you would like to share. For instance, if you're making a video about a recipe, an automatic voice-over is good enough for your audience. They will be able to understand correctly how to make the recipe. However, if you want to translate a speech, dubbing will be much more suitable. It would be strange to hear an unnatural voice during a speech.

Moreover, one of the main benefits of these two solutions is that they can both help you with your video localization. As a reminder, video localization is the process of taking content designed for a certain region of the world and adapting it for use elsewhere, meaning in another region of the world. Some people also call it content localization.

Taking Digital Accessibility into account

One of the disadvantages of these two techniques is that they are not suitable for everyone. Indeed, a hearing-impaired or deaf person will not be able to distinguish an automatic voice-over or a dubbing. That's why at Checksub, our subtitling solution will allow you to offer content that is accessible to everyone, regardless of the language.

Go further with Checksub

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To help in your professional projects, our solution can help you. Indeed, with Checksub, you can quickly and easily subtitle to offer quality content for all the people that want to see your video content.

Do not hesitate to contact our professional subtitling services directly from the interface.

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