How-to make a great corporate video?

“Outdated format” is how we defined institutional, corporate or promotional videos until a few years ago. Driven by clients looking...

March 25, 2020
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“Outdated format” is how we defined institutional, corporate or promotional videos until a few years ago. Driven by clients looking for novelty and freshness and wishing to stand out from the competition, production companies now play the card of originality and professionalism. Today, the corporate world is not only a source of food revenue for the production companies, it is a new playground to push back the limits and imagine new formats. Here’s the recipe to make a corporate video.

At checksub we subtitle a lot of “institutional” video content. And after analyzing the most successful films we were able to draw 3 basic rules from them.

1. PMA –> Purpose, Message, Audience

      A. Purpose

From the very beginning of the project it is essential to understand the reason why the client wants to produce a video. He wants to capture an event? Very well, but what is the objective? Does he want to motivate his employees or communicate with his clients? By understanding his objective you will be able to design the most suitable format for him.

       B. Message

One video = 1 message and only one! Simplicity requires choices and a lot of brainstorming. Yet it is a necessary effort to increase the impact of the realization. Whatever the format, you must accompany the client to clearly define the message of his video. You have to ask yourself this question; If the audience should remember only one thing from the video what should it be?

       C. Audience

Then, before entering the creative or preparatory phase, it is necessary to understand what the audience of this video will be. Has it been sent to the clients in an emailing? Will it be posted on Facebook with a marketing campaign?

2. Pushing the boundaries when you make a corporate video!

It’s closer to a state of mind than a methodology. If you want to produce an exceptional video, take your inspiration from communication agencies and don’t remain compartmentalized in the role of audiovisual service provider, even if you work with an agency. Add value to your service. Do you like to work on ambitious and original projects? Be able to be a source of proposals to achieve this objective.

3. Get inspired!

There’s nothing wrong with watching what other people do. Without falling into copy/paste it allows you to discover new ideas, see those that work, you feed your imagination. We can recommend you to take a tour of SandwichVideo which revolutionized the format of the “video pitch”. Efficient scripting, image setting of the product’s promise, professional quality – these are the keys to SandwichVideo’s success over the years. And they know how to make great corporate video!

In just a few minutes you have a simple framework that will allow you to create an effective video. I invite you to share your tips or videos that are worth the detour in the comments 👍.

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