April 30, 2020

When we talk about automatic subtitling platform, one can see different solutions. No doubt, automatic subtitling platforms provide quick solutions to create subtitles for audio-visual projects within a few minutes. In this vein, Kapwing and Checksub are two different solutions to this problem. Both of these online platforms are used to create subtitles, yet there are key differences in their services and quality of work.

What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is an online multimedia editing platform which offers a free version or a monthly subscription. You can edit and trim your images and videos, generate subtitles, make memes, resize your social media posts and so on. It is widely used by artists, freelancers, influencers, and students to craft digital stories without the need for any software.


What is Checksub?

Checksub is also an online platform where you can create, edit, and generate automatic subtitles with qualitative results. Checksub offers its users two ways to create subtitles and captions for videos. You can use both automatic subtitling option and professional service wherein experts create subtitles for you.  


Let’s compare both of these online platforms based on their functionality.

Kapwing vs. Checksub

Very different solutions of Automatic Subtitling

The main difference between these two solutions is that Checksub specialises in captioning and subtitling while Kapwing is more generally an online video editing tool. Kapwing’s goal is to provide a fast subtitling solution without targeting high quality subtitling.

First test: How Checksub works

1 – Upload your video

2 – Indicate the parameters of your videos

3 – Start by checking the automatic script.

This step allows you to very easily correct and cut the transcript of the video into subtitles. Edits are made just like in a text editor. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge. And you can also define a number of characters per line so that the cut of the text is adapted to your project (Facebook Video, Video Instagram, Movie,…)

4 – Then Checksub automatically generates the time codes of your subtitles.

Now that the script is fixed you start the synchronization step. This is when the platform will turn your transcript into subtitles. In particular, it will add the time codes to your project. But if necessary it is possible to correct the synchronization that has been done. On the test video it was necessary to make only 2 small adjustments.

5 – (Option) Automatically translate captions into other languages.

Another strong point of the platform is that you can generate an automatic translation of your subtitles in many languages. This is a considerable time saver, especially since the translation quality is very good.

Checksub is a platform capable of satisfying the most demanding or those who need foreign language subtitling.

Checksub is a platform for creating quality subtitles in the language of the video or in different languages. It is a solution that will satisfy the most demanding users and is very easy to use.

Now is time to test the Kapwing subtitles solution

1 – We start by uploading a file video

you can paste a Youtube URL or Upload a video

2 – Then we generate the automatic subtitling

After the upload you can Auto-generate the subtitles or create them manually
Kapwing generates automatic subtitles.

Kapwing is a good solution if quality is not the priority and if you don’t need foreign language subtitles.

The first thing we can notice is the absence of certain points between sentences. It’s not very complicated to add dots, but the problem is that the subtitle cut-out is not good. And if I want to make good subtitling I’m going to have to edit each subtitles and resynchronize all the subtitles. In that case, I might as well start from scratch. 😅

On the other hand, if the quality of subtitling is not my priority, it is a solution that has the advantage of being inexpensive and does not require time.

We may regret the absence of an option to create subtitles in foreign languages.

Both offer a free offer

Both Kapwing and Checksub are offering a free offer. Kapwing in free version has very few limits. Checksub’s free offer is limited to projects of less than 2 minutes. Checksub also offers you 10 free minutes on these paid offers.


Both platforms provide the options to export your subtitles to your video. However, to export subtitles file via Kapwing, there are numerous parameters for the font. In contrast, Checksub allows you to directly export with subtitle overlay.

Wrap Up: Checksub OR Kapwing?

It’s up to you to see which solution is best suited to your needs. If you are looking to create quality subtitling or to do it in several languages Checksub is much more suitable. If you have videos that are long enough and don’t have a budget then Kapwing is more suitable.

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