July 21, 2022

How can I dub a video in another language with AI Dubbing?

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Video dubbing is a process that allows the addition of new dialogues and also adding other sounds to the soundtrack of a video that has been previously shot.

With the technology of AI Dubbing, you can translate your videos and voice them in several languages. Now, let's see how you can dub a video in another language!

1 - Choose your content

First, you can import a video or audio file from your own library or simply choose a template. Effectively, if you're using AI Dubbing, there is a selection of several templates and even avatars. For that, you need to click on the "New Video" button. When you have chosen your support, don't forget to check if your original content is correct. Then, paste your text and upload your screencast.

2 - Choose your language

Now that you have chosen your content, you will have to select a language to translate your content. You can select your language from over 65 different languages. Then, try to play the audio dubbing to verify if everything is correct. When you play the audio, you can also see if you have paste a text with mistake. If that is the case, correct your text and try to play it once again. When everything is correct, you have the possibility to choose an avatar. The avatar's lips will move according to the sentences spoken. There is a button "fit audio" to have the perfect coordination between the written content and audio content.

3 - Finalize your video content

When you have done all these steps, you can try your content to see if everything is working correctly, just like you wanted. Also, if you need the same content in another language, it is possible. You just need to go back to the AI Dubbing platform and select another language.

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