Translate English Videos to Khmer with AI

Automatically subtitle or dub your English videos to Khmer using AI technology.
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High-quality English-Khmer Video Translator

Khmer, the official language of Cambodia, is known for its historical significance. Effortlessly translate your English videos to Khmer with our AI tools.
How it's working

A new way
to translate your content.

Upload your English video to Checksub.

You can upload one or more videos at a time (MP4, MOV).

Generate translated Khmer subtitle.

Checksub transcribes and translates your video audio tracks with the best machine translation. You can proofread the transcript before generating the translations.

Generate Khmer AI dubbing.

Checksub creates sync-in dubbing from the subtitles. It realistically clones the original voices (intonation and prosody) and isolates it from background music or sound.

Export and publish your project

Now that your video is ready, you can export your dubbed video, an SRT file or publish it directly to your YouTube channel.

Generate quality translations
in 200 languages.

Grow your audience by offering them your content in their native languages without effort.

State-of-the-art translation

We automatically generate an accurate translation of your video in Spanish, Chinese, French, or one of the 200 other languages.

Editable translation

Our machine translation workflow enables you to optimize the translation on the spot.

Dub your videos
into other languages with AI.

We generate premium dubbing for every speaker of your videos in more than 76 languages. 

Voice cloning

With one click, you can replace your original voice-over with your cloned voice in  The result is amazing.

Voice isolation

To improve the quality, we separate your music and background noise from the original voices. This allows to replace only the voice while keeping the audio atmosphere.

Perfect subtitles
in minute, not weeks.

We spent 6 years developing the best automatic subtitling platform, no matter what language you use.


All automatic subtitling isn't created equal. We use the best AIs to save you the trouble of proofreading.

Script -> Subtitles

If you have a script, we convert it automatically into subtitles synchronized with your video. Now you don't even have to proofread the subtitles.

More impact
with stylish subtitles.

Checksub offers dozens of settings to customize the style and animations of your subtitles. This offers hundreds of possibilities to always standing out.

Burn-in subtitles

From Checksub you can export your video by burning the subtitles in your video. And if you prefer, it is always possible to export a subtitle file.

Animated subtitles

Checksub allows you to go even further in the customization of your subtitles with the styles and animations settings. You can apply a karaoke animation in one-click. If you prefer, you can use our pre-built template.
juin 2020

High-quality platform

Amazing platform, simple and user-friendly. Quality subtitling.
août 2020

Excellent product

Very accurate transcription of a webinar with three foreign speakers; the best I've seen.
août 2021

Professional service

A platform of pros who listen and give good advice. Plus, very fast subtitle generation.
août 2020


Very good software. Automatic transcription works quite well. In the end, all you need is some post-editing and you're ready to go.
août 2021

I was looking for a solution

And Checksub turned out to be the right choice. With its simple, user-friendly interface, I imagine it's also a pleasant tool for longer project.
août 2021

Efficient and user-friendly

It helps you create subtitles quickly and accurately.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is the translation of good quality?

For the last 6 years, thanks to our knowledge in subtitling and audiovisual translation, we have imagined, designed, improved Checksub to generate the best translation, subtitling and dubbing, automatically. But don't to take our word for it. Use our free trial to try for yourself.

How does the AI dubbing work ?

Checksub first transcribes the audio of your video and translates the transcription. Then, when the translation is done, it generates a realistic, natural and sync-in replica of all the speaking voices.

How can I pay?

Checksub accepts all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and more. We offer other custom billing solutions for large volume.

You can also pay by wire transfer. In this case, your project will start once your payment is received. If you wish to purchase minutes your account will be credited once payment is received.

My translation needs are different from one month to the next, what should I do?

You can choose a yearly plan. That will allow you to use our credits whenever you want during the all year. With our Enterprise plan, if you need additional credits, you can buy "Top-Up Credits". Like this, you can meet your specific needs.

How long does it take to get my translation ready?

If you choose the automatic generator, you will immediately get pre-generated subtitles. Then you can take your time to edit them.

How do I get a quote or an invoice?

As soon as you subscribe a plan on Checksub an invoice is automatically sent to the email registered in your customer area. If you need to retrieve an old invoice, you can contact us. To get a quote, you can send us a message on the live chat or email us at

Why do I have to create captions in the source language of the video?

It is always necessary to create captions in the original language of a video before generating an automatic translation. If we went straight to the translation, the result would be of lower quality. And in case you have several languages, some modifications would have to be made on each foreign language. Our platform must generate captions in the original language before generating an automatic translation. For this reason the credits are debited for each language created. We remain available if you have any questions.

What is the minimum commitment?

You have no obligation and can interrupt the subscription whenever you wish. To do so, please send us an email at

How does the free trial work?

To help you discover the power of the Checksub platform, we offer you a free trial.

Still have questions?  Please email us at