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You can choose between two powers,
automatic or professional subtitling.

captions & subtitles

By choosing the power of automatic subtitling the platform will automatically create your subtitles in the language of the video. Once you have checked this project you can automatically translate it into 140 languages.

Pay as you go, the flexible option

Buy credits that you can use to subtitle your projects. This solution allows you to adapt your costs to the flow of your creations.

/hour of subtitle

Subscription plan

By taking out a subscription you benefit from the best rates available.
Subtitling is no longer a problem.


per month
1 hour of automatic subtitles
2 languages per project included
Export with burn-in subtitles
Download sources files (SRT, VTT...)
Maximum file size: 4 GB
+ Purchase of additional hours if needed


per month
3 hour of automatic subtitles
3 languages per project included
Export with burn-in subtitles
Download sources files (SRT, VTT...)
Maximum file size: 4 GB
+ Purchase of additional hours if needed


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All Essential features
Custom number of hours subtitled
Custom number of languages
Advanced font customization
Dedicated Account Manager

captions & subtitles

The professional subtitling offer allows you to obtain quality subtitling while limiting your reviewing time. You can order subtitling in the language of your video or in the many foreign languages we offer.

in the source language

Get proofread subtitles

with the translation

Get translated subtitles

You have a large volume? Let's talk.

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I need subtitling for a single project, what can I do?

In this case you have the possibility to buy "Top-up Credits". These credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Once you have created a Checksub account you can purchase credits from your dashboard (my profile / top up credits). Or click here.

How can I pay?

Checksub accepts all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and more. We offer other custom billing solutions for large volume.

You can also pay by wire transfer. In this case, your project will start once your payment is received. If you wish to purchase minutes your account will be credited once payment is received.

My subtitling volume is different from month to month, what should I do?

You can create an account for free, and connect to your dashboard. Then you can buy "Top-Up Credits". These credits allow you to get additionnal hours if you need. Like this you can meet your specific needs. Those Top-up credits are available for 1 year from the purchase date.

How long does it take to get my captions ready?

If you choose the automatic generator, you will immediately get pre-generated subtitles. Then you can take your time to edit them.

In case of proofread subtitles we usually deliver projects in 12 to 48 hours for 10 minutes videos. For foreign subtitles, once you approved the captions you need to add about 2 days for translation and proofreading. If you have a larger project, you can contact us for an estimate of the turnaround time.

Send your request to the following address: [email protected]

How do I get a quote or an invoice?

As soon as you buy credits on Checksub an invoice is automatically sent to the email registered in your customer area. If you need to retrieve an old invoice you can contact us. To get a quote you can send us a message on the live chat or send us an email at [email protected]

Why do I have to create captions in the source language of the video?

It is always necessary to create captions in the original language of a video before generating an automatic translation. If we went straight to the translation, the result would be of lower quality. And in case you have several languages, some modifications would have to be made on each foreign language. Our platform must generate captions in the original language before generating an automatic translation. For this reason the credits are debited for each language created. We remain available if you have any questions.

What is the minimum commitment?

You have no obligation and can interrupt the subscription whenever you wish. To do so, please send us an email at [email protected]

How does the free trial work?

To help you discover the power of the Checksub platform, we offer you to create subtitles for free. You can test for 7 days our starter or essential offer. 😉

Still have questions?  Please email us at [email protected]