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Checksub is a advanced subtitle interface to process all your Greek video workload and video translation projects. Besides our machine-translation and speech-to-text app, you can rely on our experienced subtitlers to get an accurate and reliable Greek translation.

The Challenge of doing Greek subtitles

Greek (Ελληνικά) is an Indo-European language spoken by almost 14 million people, primarily in Greece, Cyprus and Albania. As the foundational language of the European culture and societies, Greek is very well in demand by students and researchers. Translating and transcribing Greek videos is generally quite easy, since Greek speakers have virtually no accent differences. However, Greek subtitlers still need to know how to properly translate and synchronize Greek videos, especially in translation from the English language. Fortunately, our Greek subtitle experts know the specifics of the Greek language and will provide you with the best subtitles.


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Automatic English subtitles

You want fast and affordable subtitling? Our subtitle editor uses the best machine-learning technologies to generate your subtitles. Automatically translate your video into over 120 languages and customize your subtitles as you wish. Proofreading becomes even easier with an easy to use online editor. Some of our users say they are translating subtitles 8 times faster than before...

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Opt for quality subtitle translation without the endless hours wasted on proofreading your text. Our specialists in subtitling know how to create reliable subtitles in the source language of your video. Our bilingual translators also provide high quality video translations. All you have to do is add your video...

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We create all your subtitles
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Subtitle editor

Powerfull subtitle editor
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