Add subtitles automatically
to your videos

Generate subtitles and automatic translation of your videos.
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Be faster with automatic captionning and translation.

How does it work? Read and correct the automatic script if needed.
With a good audio you will have an amazing result.

Use it without training

We imagine that you have other things to do than spend hours learning how to use a new software. That's why we came up with a platform very easy to handle. After only a few minutes you can start creating your captions and subtitles.

Turn your subtitles into video

Style your own subtitles and generate a new exportation with burn-in subtitles.
Very useful to share your original content on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo...

Collaborative platform

Generate a secure link to share your subtitles with your team, customer or even your family. Thanks to this secure link they can see your work and edit it.

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