What is video localization and how does it work?

Laetitia Mullier
June 27, 2022
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Here, you will learn everything about video localization, which is a process to make your content more comprehensible and accessible.

With all the brand-new technologies, everyone is trying to make their content more and more accessible. It means creating content that everyone can understand. For example, a deaf person may need subtitles to understand a video.

Definition of “video localization”

Video localization is the process of taking video content designed for a certain region of the world and adapting it for use elsewhere, meaning in another region of the world.

We often hear about this localization process for video games that need to be adapted for different regions of the world.

It is important to realize that localization is much more than just translation. As a reminder, translation is taking text from one language and converting it into another. Of course, this is also part of video localization, but there are still other things to consider.

The specifics of video localization

Localization must allow the video content to be fully adapted to each different region of the world. So there are several things to review.

1 – Translate texts and dialogues

Depending on the language(s) targeted, you will need a solution to translate your texts and possibly dub the voices. According to your needs and preferences, you can just translate the written content. However, if you prefer, you can also simply dub the voices of your video. Or you can simply do both, it’s really up to you. You have to decide whether you want a more literal or more elaborate translation. Generally, it is better to make a careful and precise translation to avoid any misunderstanding.

For example, Nintendo‘s video games are specially adapted for different regions of the world. In an English-speaking country, it would be difficult to understand a game in Japanese.

2 – Adapt to the targeted regions of the world

Depending on the target regions, not only will the language need to be adapted as seen above, but that’s not all. Indeed, you will have to adapt what you say according to the culture of the region in order not to offend anyone and to be well understood. There are also your jokes or puns to adapt. For example, a joke translated from English into French may not make sense when translated. You should also check the laws and restrictions of the different regions. If not, your content may be censored.

The benefits of video localization

There are several advantages. First of all, you will be able to reach more people if your content is adapted for several regions of the world. Indeed, people who were not able to understand your content will. You will therefore have more visibility and traffic, so you will be more known. Therefore, if you are a business, small or large, it can help you increase your sales. You should know that your customers are more likely to follow you if you offer something understandable to their region of origin. They will have more confidence and feel more involved

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Laetitia Mullier
June 27, 2022

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