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How to translate a YouTube video into a foreign language?

You're looking for an easy or professional way to translate your YouTube Video ? We got you cover with this guide

February 23, 2021

YouTube is full of original creations that delight everyday users. Yet, even though the platform can generate subtitles in many languages, this content often seem inaccessible to more foreign countries.

When you are a video creator, you might thus find it interesting to know how to properly translate a YouTube video, so to share it with a wide variety of cultures and communities.

As this job require professional skills, here’s how to make quality subtitle translation on YouTube.

Why translate your YouTube videos?

If you are a YouTube video creator, you already know the benefits of doing subtitles. Among other things, subtitles can improve the engagement of your audience, and increase the accessibility of your video to any audience.

However, translating your subtitles into other languages than English can also bring you many opportunities. By adapting your content to other major languages (Spanish, Chinese, Russian) or developing countries (Indonesia, South Korea…), you reach new types of fans and communities.

So there are a lot of concrete benefits to gain from translation :

  • You expose your video to cultures that may be more favorable to your ideas and messages.
  • With subtitles, you make it easier for you to be known around the world.
  • By showing that you want to reach them, you earn the like of a specific audience
  • You can learn new ways to connect with culturally diverse communities.

This also applies to users who want to upload a video to YouTube and distribute it to foreign language communities. Anyway, here’s how you can do it.

YouTube automatic translator: how to use it?

The most straightforward way to translate on YouTube is to use the built-in subtitle feature in the platform. You can easily use it to generate subtitles in languages you already know. Here’s how it works :

Go to the YouTube Studio of your channel. Choose a video from the list and click on “details”. Then select the languages you want in the “more options” window.

How to translate a YouTube video into a foreign language?

YouTube will then process the automatic generation and translation of subtitles. When the work is finished, you will be able to access the YouTube studio editor and optimize and correct the translation. Just save and you’re done.

How to translate a YouTube video into a foreign language?

You may have realized it, but this solution doesn’t provide perfect results by far. Especially in some languages, YouTube has trouble translating uncommon expressions and medium-length sentences. Machine translation still has a long way to go to identify the meaning of words in context. That’s why it’s important to be cautious and use it only if you know a minimum amount of the language.

If you still want to do this, here is a list of good practices to follow.

What are the best practices for translating on YouTube?

Translation has never been an easy exercise or one to be taken lightly. Even with the improvement of YouTube machine translation, we still strongly need professional translators to ensure reliable and quality work. In fact, the result of machine translation is never perfect, and can sometimes show serious flaws in some languages. This is why it is important to know how to optimize subtitles by following some common sense rules.

If you decide to translate your video by yourself, here are some recommendations:

  • Don’t try to translate a language if you don’t have a native or nearly bilingual speaker of that language. If you are not bilingual yourself, you can try to make do with your own knowledge and tools, but proofreading by someone who understands it is essential.
  • Always keep in mind the subtitle space limitations. Some languages say less in more words or vice versa. You can try to reduce non-essential information so that you have shorter and easier to read expressions on the screen. But this should be done with care.
  • You might avoid literal translation. A good translation often requires working with different formulations, phrases and expressions than the original language.
  • You might need to consider cultural and national differences related to language. Australian, Canadian, American, South African… English in the United States is not the same as English in England.

Does this seem out of your skill or means? We may have a solution that combines automatic subtitling and professional expertise to help you.

Professional translation service: which one to choose ?

If you now need the help of a translation expert, how do you choose the most reliable and efficient service? There are actually several types of video translation services on the market. Here are the two main ones:

Translator matchmaking services

These solutions put you in touch with a translation agency or a professional translator. They often have a large enough number of partners to find the skills best suited to your project. Plus, you can easily discuss with them about the progress of the project and your expectations.

The benefits of these services is to provide a professional and high quality result. You can easily rely on their expertise, and you save time in your research. If you have large or complex projects, you can entrust them without hesitation.

There are for example,…

Automatic and professional translation platform

Our unique approach at Checksub is to combine the power of technology with human expertise. Our platform translate your subtitles automatically, but can also provide you the help of subtitle experts.

At Checksub, both customers and partners can collaborate freely and save time in their subtitle projects. Our solution can help you to :

  • Automatically and accurately transcribe your videos (advanced speech recognition API)
  • Collaborate with professional subtitlers and translators to manage your video project.
  • Translate your video into more than 128 languages (translation based on in-depth learning)
  • Easily change and customize the appearance of your subtitles

We let you test that, as you have 1 free hour of translation in all languages. Whenever you need, you can contact our professional services to help you with your work.

Otherwise, we hope we’ve helped you spread your YouTube creations around the world!

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