On LinkedIn, you may have seen these videos that literally hack the platform’s internal algorithms.

In a short period of time, they gather thousands of views and comments and provide their creator with valuable leads.

At Checksub, we confess we’ve always been a little jealous of their success 😮 . So we’ve tried to achieve the same result.

And it went relatively well:

In our experiments, we realized that their success was not just a stroke of luck but followed a number of basic rules.

As we have always been very generous 😛 , we’ll share with you our findings to create viral LinkedIn videos.

Which Format of Videos on LinkedIn to choose?

To begin with, you need to know the video formats most adapted on LinkedIn.

There are especially two formats that work great and have optimal visibility on the platform.

Creating Native Videos on LinkedIn

In 2017 the best social media for professionals introduced a video format that fits perfectly on the feed: “native videos”.

Unlike videos shared through an external link (such as Youtube), native videos play automatically when you scroll over them. They thus create up to 5 times more engagement than shared videos.

Here are some of their specifications :

  • Not less than 3 seconds or more than 10 minutes
  • No less than 75 kbs or greater than 5 GB (yeah that’s a lot)
  • Almost all universal video formats are supported
  • Preferred resolution: from 256×144 to 4096×2304

To publish a native video, it’s very simple: upload your video in its original format to the platform and check its display. Then add a description and click on publish.

You may use this format and avoid shared links to put all the chances on your side!

Using LinkedIn Video ads

LinkedIn also provides a video advertising format that addresses a wider and more specific audience. They are very effective for goals such as increasing brand awareness and lead generation.

We recommend this format to target types of prospects that you already know well and that are mature enough to bring you a good return on investment.

LinkedIn ads are priced either by cost per view or cost per impression.

In a few details :

  • not less than 3 seconds and more than 30 minutes
  • not less than 75 kbs and not more than 200mb
  • Only MP4 format is supported
  • 4 accepted resolutions: 480 x 360 or wide 640 x 360; 640 x 480; 960 x 720 or wide 1280 x 720; 1440 x 1080 or wide 1920 x 1080.

Visit LinkedIn’s advertising platform for more information.

How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Videos?

Now that you’ve decided on the video format, you need to know how to structure your content. Social media have designed algorithms that respond to content that generate strong engagement. So you need to focus on the attractiveness of your content.

Video engagement data to consider

For this, there are a number of key figures to consider:

  • The average of successful videos is 15 seconds.
  • You have 5 seconds to hook your audience.
  • 65% of Internet users leave your video in the first 10 seconds on average

Result? You need a short and synthetic content that catches and maintains attention.

The length of the video to be preferred

Not all content types attract attention in the same way and each one defines an optimal duration :

-Branding video: no more than 30 seconds
-Product presentation video: no more than 1 minute long
-Long video in storytelling format: no more than 2 minutes

You can of course do more, but the goal here is to condense the value of your content to the maximum.

What makes one engaging LinkedIn content different from another?

Taking all this information into account, there are several details that make the difference among all the videos that have buzzed on LinkedIn. Basically, a very engaging video is structured like this:

  • The first moments of the video introduce the viewer to a captivating issue or new and exciting information.
  • The main content of the video raises a question of great importance to the audience it is aimed at. It deals with a topic that causes debate and shows that you are opinion leaders in their field.
  • It then gives a clear and concrete solution or process to solve the problem.
  • The end of the video highlights a clear and powerful call-to-action. It can ask a personal and related question to the topic discussed: “and you what do you think of this tool; how did you solve this problem….?”.

To go a step further, you can also use tools like Scrab.in, that automate processes such as sending videos to new contacts on LinkedIn. By using it to share your video by direct message, you can gain overall engagement.

With all these elements, you already have the basics to create a video that will make an impression on your social network audience. But there is one essential precaution to keep in mind.

Social media Videos: the Challenge of Sound off

According to social media data, 80% of videos consumed on social networks are watched without sound. This is an impressive figure that requires you to adapt your video to a different playback. Here is some advice :

  • You may use subtitles and closed captions that are clear, readable, and accurate. You can use Checksub’s fast and efficient automatic subtitling solution for this.
  • You may have speakers with very expressive body language. An American psychologist explained that more than 60% of information is conveyed through posture and body expression.
  • Don’t hesitate to vary the camera takes, to multiply the visual illustrations and sets. The diversity of images and situations keeps your viewers’ attention.

Viral Videos: 6 examples on Linkedin

Let me now give you some examples of videos that have made the buzz on the platform. Get inspired to create your own successful content.

The educational video

Teach your prospects the skills they need. Give them video tutorials, quick online courses, and visuals. People respond very well to content that instructs them and makes them want to ask questions.

SalesForce is a very strong company in this area. On Linkedin, it often shares career tips and various advice. Here is an example of this:

The video trailer

Announce exciting news to your network in the form of a trailer. Whether it’s a corporate event, a new product launch or a new marketing campaign, users respond positively to the news. Don’t hesitate to put a little mystery into your video, by subtly sketching the contours of your new product for example.

This is how Samsung proceeds in its trailer videos, to unveil these new products. Here is an example of this:

The “behind the scenes” video

Bring your company’s background to life in the form of storytelling and interviews. Internet users never tire of learning the secrets behind your company. They want to know more when you let inspired employees talk about their experience.

Google is obviously a master at this, letting journalists report on its remarkable places of work. They don’t hesitate to let employees talk about their passion. Here’s an example:

Customer testimonial and user case

Ask your customers what they think of your solution. There’s nothing better than a testimonial from an ideal customer that best represents the value you bring to your prospects.

Teleperformance, a B2B localization and offshoring company, has built its success on LinkedIn by publishing highly relevant customer case studies. We’ll let you take a look:

The Engaged Video

Make a case for a cause attached to your brand. Today’s users expect brands to make a difference in the world and show it.

The Always brand has a highly engaged marketing strategy on causes that matter to their customers. With its #Likeagirl video campaign it has made a huge buzz, challenging gender stereotypes and giving women back the initiative. We let you watch.

The Entertaining Video

Make your video viral by adding a touch of humor and creativity to your video. Our minds are naturally drawn to content that is out of the ordinary and makes us smile. You’ll also give your brand a youthful touch at the same time.

Lego is the king of this kind of content, announcing new products or speaking out for a cause with visually creative videos. Like here :

That’s it for us today. Checksub hopes to have given you the best advice to make your videos a success on Linkedin.

Feel free to take a look at our subtitling tool. It will save you precious time in the production of your video!

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