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The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

You are lost in the endless options of online video editors on the market ? We have the guide for you

October 20, 2020

We need videos in every possible way: marketing, artistic creation, sales demo, and so on…

Yet, it’s not easy to find the most adapted solution to manage the production, editing, and publishing process. In fact, since the online video editor market has emerged, the possibilities have become endless!

The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

At Checksub, we love to help video creators in all their diversity. So we’ve sifted through the existing offer and compared them according to different uses.

Hang tight! We’ll find the perfect solution for you, accessible at the click of a button. Follow our guide 😉

How to choose and use an online video editor?

You may have a hard time finding the online software that will create your content easily, and moreover, scale extensively your work.

To start your research, you need to agree on what you are looking for. What is for you the most valuable feature in video software? A tool for editing, cutting, modifying, or for extensive customization possibilities?

Most of these solutions are tailored to the nature of your video project: check out the one that suits you best in our top.

You can then compare the features and prices of the solutions on the market (and there’s plenty of choices, I’m telling you!). Most software provides various monthly or annual plans depending on your usage. Free versions are common, but you won’t get far if you’re not willing to pay a little.

To handle the solution, you will obviously find guides on the software’s website. But generally, the support team can also help you.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter: a rigorous selection of 12 online video editors. The solutions I’m going to show you have all pay version but some have also free version. Beware, however, in the free version, you sometimes can’t download the video or you got a watermark on your content.

Let’s show you all that.

What are the best online video editors for every need?

We’re going to start our top with the most generic video creation solutions, which can do just about anything but by doing it so well!


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Wevideo is a powerful video editing tool adapted to all uses. Whether you want to create videos for personal, professional, or educational purposes, its full feature software will guide you in your editing process. Simply upload your videos and use the time management tool to create your sequences. The tool also has a large pool of templates, images and audio samples to create content by yourself.

Who can use it? Wevideo is designed for video creators who seek a little bit of everything and who like to manage their work from start to finish. It is almost a professional tool, but in any case, it satisfies many uses, with many features. We recommend it if you want to create various video formats.

Pricing :

Memory makers USD 4.99/month
Passionate video creators USD 7.99/month
Professional USD 17.99/month: Marketers and business owners
Companies 29.99/month: small businesses and marketing teams


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Probably the most accessible video tool on the net, it provides the basic features of video editing quickly and for free. You just have to connect to the site, upload your video and image files to transform them into the content of your dreams. There are several feature pages depending on the tool you want to use.

Who is it for? Clideo is for you if you want a fast and free tool to edit your videos for occasional projects. For larger volumes, it’s obviously not the most suitable solution, but it still works in its field.

Pricing: the free version covers everything but has a reasonable video limit. The unlimited paid version costs 9$/month.

Best Video Software: Business Purpose

When you work in a company, you need a reliable and efficient solution to publish videos for meetings, conferences, or internal communication. Here are the best tools for this purpose :


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Moovly is the tool par excellence for making professional and educational visual animations. The principle is simple. You start from a template and you can add a lot of items, text and dynamic animations. You can then share your video from the platform or send it to social networks.

Who can use it? Moovly is for corporate employees who want a fast and reliable tool to publish and broadcast their video. The tool is effective for creating marketing content (such as product presentations) as well as for brightening up your meetings or creating tutorials for users. Moovly is especially useful for creating highly interactive and clear educational videos.

Free version: create the video on the platform and access to more than 1 million stock items. Watermark included.
Pro Version $49 /mo
You can upload your videos in HD format. Unlimited access to video upload. No watermark or other.
Max version $99/mo
Use your own fonts or graphic design.
Webcam recording, subtitles, color erasing, voice recognition… included


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Powtoon is adapted to the creation of short and compact videos for immediate professional use. In a very short time, you can create visual animations for your onboarding, recruitment, meeting, or other types of presentations. On the online platform, you have access to quality objects and media to compose your dynamic presentation. Simply select them and place them sequence by sequence, to have a very pleasing video to the eye.

Who is it for? Powtoon is intended for use in management and recruitment, but also for internal communication and the presentation of work plans. It is also known for making teachers’ lessons for their students more creative and interactive. Use it if you need to quickly create short and informative videos.

Pricing: PRO€ 19/month €228/year
PRO + 59 €/month 708 €/invoiced per year
PLAN AGENCY Annual Only 99€/month
1188 € invoiced annually


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Biteable is the video tool specifically designed to increase your sales and marketing campaign videos. To do this it’s simple, log on to the platform and start from a specific template. Modify your pages and add dynamic text and images. The creative possibilities are huge and will help you create a differentiating and impactful video for your audience.

Who is it for? Biteable is the ally of the marketing and sales teams of growing companies. It will help you create more colorful and aggressive product presentations, sales pitches, and marketing emails, giving you a competitive edge. If it is also intended for more informal uses, it will do the trick in most situations.

Pricing: Free:
Watermarked exports
Single user

PAY $29 USD:
Unlimited premium exports
Single user
Your personalized brand
1080p HD resolution

Professionals PAY $99USD:
Unlimited number of team member
Collaborative editing
Video creation assistance (value of $499)


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: FlexClip is the best free online video editor for creating personal and professional videos in minutes. Do you think running heavy video editing software can slow down your PC?
Yes, that’s true. But FlexClip is completely web-based and do not depend on your PC’s specifications, so all you need is a reliable internet connection. With a wealth of music, images and video resources, anyone can easily create short videos for advertising, business, graduation, parties, festivals, holidays, birthdays and more.

Who is it for? : It is free and open for anyone who want to create free videos, especially ideal for beginners. It is a perfect solution for those who want to make stunning videos but without video resources.

Free: video length limit
Basic: $4.99/mo
Plus: $7.99/mo
Business: $19.99/mo

Social Media Video Software

When creating social media content, you need solutions that are ergonomic and provide a truly youthful and engaging aesthetic. Here’s what you need:


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Based on innovative AI technologies, Magisto will speed up your social media strategies. Its use is straightforward: upload a video on the mobile or web application, choose a theme for your content and let the algorithm do the work. The algorithm will recognize patterns and relevant scenes in your video and turn them into a very meaningful digest. You can then give your video a title and choose from a variety of catchy music.

For whom? Magisto wants to attract influencers, creators, and businesses that make social media their playground. With its technology, it creates storytelling content at high speed and without giving you a hard time. If you want to plan an engaging content strategy, I advise you to test it.

Pricing :
Premium: Create perfect video stories to share with family and friends. 4,99/month
with annual plan

Business: Attractive branded videos, perfect for companies, marketing professionals, and agencies. 34,99/month
with annual plan

Professional: Easily create powerful videos with advanced editing and professional styles. 9,99/month
with annual plan


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Animoto is a user-friendly solution for video creation on social media. With its simple and clear interface, you can quickly choose a template and add images and animated texts. Just add a block and work on the numerous colors and fonts available. Adapted to any type of advertising formats, it is an efficient manual tool to create publications that catch the attention of your audience.

For whom? Animoto is aimed at content creators and professionals on social media who want to do the job by themselves and do it well. The tool is easy to use and offers great customization possibilities. If you want to manage your content strategy from A to Z, Animoto is for you!

Pricing: Free: create unlimited videos.
All standard features, plus Animoto branding on your videos.
Professional: create an unlimited number of branded videos for your company.
29 € /month Billed 348 euros each year
All the standard features, no more Animoto branding on your videos, and access to the fonts and templates library.
Create an unlimited number of branded videos with multiple accounts.
54 €/month Billed 648 € each year

The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: is an online app that will greatly facilitate your creation of mobile-specific social media content. Its editor is clear and modifies, cuts, and adds banners in a vertical format. The tool has an automatic transcription to manage voice to text conversions. ’

For whom? The application is the easiest to use for those who are new to social media and don’t want to make things difficult. It works well for mobile content and for content that plays with voice and sound. Adopt this tool if you want to create a simple but effective social media strategy.

Pricing :
Perfect for quick and punctual projects within the framework of
10 minutes and 50MB with watermark
For individuals and small teams who
need simple online video editing
12 USD /mo.
Annual billing of US$144 per user
For larger teams that need
brand control and collaboration
USD 24/mo.
Annual billing of USD 288 per user

Online Video Editors Aimed to Professionals

Professionals not only need highly reliable solutions for their video editing, but that can also do the job with outstanding performance. You may found them here:

Adobe Spark Video

How it works: Included in the Adobe Spark bundle, this compact tool leverages the aesthetics of many visuals to appeal to corporate designers and short video creators. With a very simple interface, it includes many visual resources to differentiate your video.

Who is it for? Adobe Spark is made for designers and videographers who want to create beautifully designed videos in a professional way. It’s also ideal for agencies.

Pricing: The free version is already quite comprehensive, but the home ($11.99) and professional ($23.99) versions allow you to work in groups and to scale your work.


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Flixier claims to be the fastest video editor on the net. Adapted to more serious and professional uses (marketing, artistic creation, and education), it differentiates itself by collaborative aspects and great ease of use. Its video editing and creation studio has a lot of videos and images integrated and different retouching functionalities. It is also a great collaboration tool, thanks to the immediate sharing of your content.

For whom? Flixier is designed for advanced video creators who want to boost their work flow and add a collaborative dimension to it. They will find an efficient tool to increase their productivity and add an even more creative touch.

10 months
You make solo videos.
25 mo
You make videos professionally
60 mo
You make videos with a team.


The 12 Online Video Editors in 2021 Best Suited to Your Needs

How it works: Kapwing is the full collaborative tool for team video creation. You can easily create workspaces in the studio to work on any type of video project. Just upload your video and start trimming and adjusting your content. The tool has a range of features that include managing audio, text, transcription, and the image itself.

Who is it for? Kapwing is particularly aimed at media, design and content creation companies that want to improve their workflow. However, as the software is very complete, it is also very well suited to any video creator who wants to increase his productivity. Try it for yourself!

Pricing: FREE
No watermark
250 MB file download limit
All accesses

PRO $20 per month
No watermark
2 GB limit for file downloads
Export videos up to one hour long
Edit and store all content

Online Subtitling Solution: Checksub

Found the video editor of your dreams? We’re happy for you!

We have one last piece of advice for your creative process: don’t forget to create clear and readable subtitles for your audience. You should know that today most videos are consumed sound off.

Conveniently, at Checksub, we’ve been working for 4 years on the subtitling tool that work the best for video creators. It brings together the best technologies available on the market:

  • the best speech recognition and automatic translation APIs to analyze your video (with over 120 languages translated)
  • A powerful and very easy to use online subtitle editor
  • A collaborative platform for working with translators, clients, and other partners

The process is simple:

  • Upload your video
  • Indicate the original language and the languages you may want to obtain (there are 128 languages in all).
  • Check the result
  • Export the written transcript file and do whatever you want with it.

We let you try. And, if not, we hope we’ve been helpful!

Subtitle 8 times faster with powerful technology. ⚡

Try it for free

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