Do you want to create a video for a large audience? The choice of subtitles is then decisive.

Clear and readable text indications, that are pleasing and comfortable to the eye, help make your content more accessible and engaging.

But more than that, depending on their format and style, they can immediately differentiate your video from all those found on the net (and that’s what you want, right ? 😉 )

To do that, the font of your subtitles is an essential yet often underestimated factor. By adapting to the tone, colors, and mood of your video, it can make your video a pleasing visual experience.

Here is the list of the clearest and most aesthetically appealing subtitle fonts to help you unlock your content’s potential. Have a good read! 😎

Subtitles fonts: the classics and uncontested

To start the top, here are the must-have fonts, the cream of the crop, the long-proven kings of text editors. 😮

Let’s take a look !


The most widespread font in the world that you’ve certainly already seen everywhere. It’s an absolutely generic sans serif style that adapts to any type of support. Even if it may seem quite banal to our tired eyes, it is very effective in making your tutorial and presentation videos accessible. But, if you want to differentiate yourself, we advise you to avoid it.


Official Google subtitle fonts, our eyes are largely accustomed to the roundness and simplicity of Roboto’s outlines. Most web interfaces have adopted it for its readability and optimal finesse, making your content readable to everyone. Suited for long and elaborate texts, you can use it for your company presentations and animations. Otherwise, more original formats are available.

Times New Roman

Created by a designer from the famous British magazine The Times, Times New Roman is another classic that hasn’t lost a wrinkle. It has an authentic and elegant style all of its own. Sophisticated yet familiar in its general use, it projects also great readability. You can use it without hesitation for your reports and conferences of all kinds.


Tiresias is the typeface invented by the Royal National Institute of Blind People for vision-impaired people. Generalized by the BBC in its broadcasts, it is very readable and pleasing to the eye. It will enhance your discussions and conference videos very well.

Which font subtitles are more modern and original?

Now, these types of fonts are remarkable for the more modern and younger style they display. Their singular format differentiates them from more traditional fonts.


Very popular among medias and companies, Helvetica combines the simplicity of tradition with the elegance of modernity. Brands often use them to compose the logo of their companies and gives them a slight touch of originality. Its full and concrete style is very readable and is well suited to corporate videos that want to show their fresh energy.


Inspired by the Bauhaus style of the 1920s, Futura carries what is a vision of progress and innovation. With its geometrical and atypical shapes, it is a truly flexible sans-serif font that adapts to many contexts. Put it in your promotional videos to differentiate your content.


Verdana was invented by a Microsoft designer and aimed to improve the reading on small screens. So its more condensed and tight style allows it to leave more space for content. Technologically appealing, it can go very well with your reports and documentaries.

Best subtitles: humanists and contemporaries

Let me introduce you to choices closer to our time. They will bring a touch of freshness to your videos while providing optimal ergonomics and aesthetics.


In a more humanistic design perspective, Antique-Olive stands out for its readability and clarity. Showing a more prononced personality than a classic style, it expresses a more up-to-date aesthetic. Adopt this font for video content that you want to make accessible to everyone.


Used by Apple for many years, Myrad has an effective and elegant style intended for a wide and connoisseur public. Of a rather neutral reading, it expresses the simplicity of its personality on all video interfaces. Use it as an original alternative to more classic fonts.


The last font of our top, it is also the most modern and original. Invented as masculine, strong, and reliable design, it stands out by its very clear personality catching directly the eyes of the viewer. Quite often used in movies, you can use it for short films and more impactful videos.

How to choose the best subtitles for my video?

With so many choices, we’ll grant you that it’s easy to get lost !

Let’s give some advice to select the best font for your subtitles.

First, you need to match it to the target audience and the tone of your video. Is your content more aimed at a large audience, potential customers, customers who need to be informed? ? Is it more formal, dynamic, colorful, humorous?

All these questions will help you to define the style best suited to your situation and the personality you want to express. Some fonts such as Myriad or Futura have a more pronounced character that can help you stand out on the internet, while keeping a real readability.

Scrupulously analyze our top to find the style that suits you best!

How to customize your subtitles font ?

With tools like VLC, Adobe Premiere, you can customize the position and appearance of the subtitles in your video.

You can enlarge the font size, add outlines and shadows on the letters, and move conveniently the position of the subtitles in your video.

We advise you to look at the software manuals on the internet to know exactly how to modify and apply changes to the subtitles of your video.

However, there are several precautions to take when changing the style of your subtitles:

  • Make sure you move the subtitles so that you can always see the essential information in your video. However, avoid placing them too far up or too far down.
  • Do not exaggerate the character and depth effects of your subtitles. The clearer and sharper the subtitles are, the more they look like the eye can get used to, and the more readable they will be.
  • Don’t hesitate to use slightly different font formats (bold, italic, round, thin, heavy) to change the mood, but don’t overdo it either.

Test a number of combinations to find the right one!

How to create subtitles with good fonts quickly and easily?

For the past 4 years, we at Checksub have been working on the most practical subtitling solution for video creators and media. Thanks to this tool, you can generate subtitles on your video in less than 10 minutes.

If we don’t have a wide choice of fonts yet, you can at least rely on an efficient subtitle style whose readability and aesthetics have nothing more to prove.

Our solution combines some of the newest technologies in the market :

  • the best speech recognition and machine translation APIs to analyze your video
  • A powerful and very easy to use online transcription editor
  • A collaborative platform for working with translators, clients, and other partners

If you want to add subtitles in your video, you may try it for free !

And, otherwise, that’s it for me. See you !

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