Video is in the center of modern businesses: whether it is to communicate with peers, present a product, or accelerate marketing strategy, it conveys immediate and engaging information.

But video content could have even more impact with one simple element: readable and well-done subtitles.

Here are 6 reasons to invest in subtitles, so to increase the effectiveness of your communications, sales and marketing tools.

1# Keeping your audience focused

While content abounds on the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and get your message across. Even if video is more interactive than written text, it can still be difficult to grab viewers’ attention.

Adding subtitles ensures that the user has a strong visual grip on the essential messages of your content. They don’t have to make an effort to understand and listen to the voice-over, and can engage directly to it without the sound.

Subtitling thus increases the reading time by 12% and the engagement rate by 26% on average on platforms such as Facebook.

Subtitle is the solution to the attention crisis on the internet!

2# Improving user experience

One of the pressing challenges of the digital experience is to make it accessible to all types of users. Some Internet users, for example, suffer from hearing impairments (deaf and hard of hearing) that prevent them from understanding content on the Internet.

Doing subtitles is one of the best way to unlock your content to this type of person, providing them with reliable and user-friendly visual support. By using this tool, you expand your audience to more than 14% in the US alone.

This is why doing subtitles increase corporate inclusiveness!

3# Growing your audience on social media

Social media algorithms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…) are increasingly valuing video content in their feeds. But not just any kind of video. Native and sound-off-adapted videos are the most successful on these platforms.

Indeed, users are consuming social media content essentially on the go. Users do not necessarily think of turning on the sound on their device, or simply don’t have the means to do so.
Platforms have understood this and integrate automatic playback that mutes the sound by default.

By adding subtitles, you can ensure that your content on social media is abundantly seen and shared.

Subtitled videos are an essential part of any social media strategy!

4# Boosting SEO

This is not the most well-known benefit, and yet. Videos subtitled on YouTube or in HTML 5 include text information readable by Google. This allows bots to crawl and access keywords in your message.

By scaling those benefits, you can then significantly improve and strengthen your search engine ranking. But the impact on SEO is even greater by adding transcripts on the pages of your site. With transcripts, you boost the semantic density of your website just by recycling the content you already have.

Subtitles are an underestimated SEO tool!

5# Improving the branding memorization

Your brand is not yet well known to the public? Then you should consider subtitling your videos. Visual cues for your brand will then have even more impact, and your brand name will be much more memorable.

This also applies to more technical or educational tutorial videos. The addition of text hints improves the understanding of the information conveyed, and has long-term retention. Users can rely on a visual support that activates their memory and visual cognition.

Subtitling is an ally of branding!

6# Connecting all your employees in any language

If you have an international team, you probably know the problems related to language and cultural barriers. Even though most of your employees might be fluent in English, some may have more difficulty with that, or more ease with their native language.

Adding subtitles enable you to translate your communications without too much effort, making sure that the message is well conveyed. In addition, it enhances inclusion and diversity in teams, showing that you care about the different nationalities in your company.

Subtitling is the symbol of diversity in business!

How to get a professional subtitle service ?

Now that you know the benefits, how can you achieve reliable and effective subtitling?

You can hire a collaborator to do this task, but he or she may not have the tools to save time and cost. That’s where professional subtitling services come in.

By providing you with an automatic subtitling solutions, you have a complete platform to manage your video projects. For example, Checksub provides you with such a tool :

  • An advanced speech recognition API
  • A collaborative interface with subtitle experts and translators to manage your video project
  • An automatic translation engine to translate your video, with 128 different languages available.
  • A powerful and easy-to-use online subtitle editor

But you can also send us your project directly, and our teams of experts and subtitle translators will take care of it.

Checksub ensure that you have efficient and specialized service. We’ll let you find out about it, or ask us any questions you may have!

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