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How to customize subtitles on Netflix and other streaming platforms?

Do you want to customize your subtitle style on streaming platforms like Netflix ? We show you how to do it.

May 7, 2021

You want to watch your favorite series/movie, but the subtitles don’t suit you on your streaming platform? We know all about that frustration!

Subtitles should allow you to watch and understand your video content in the language of your choice. But unfortunately sometimes these are not very readable or pleasant to see. So how can you do it?

At Checksub, we have created a tool to customize the appearance of your subtitles on your video. You’ll see, it will help you to enjoy your video content !

Why customize your subtitles?

Subtitles are an essential way to enjoy video content at its true value. They are even essential for deaf and hard of hearing people who need full accessibility to the content.

But not all subtitles found on streaming platforms are equally valuable. Netflix, for example, outsources its subtitling work to freelancers and bases its work on more or less attractive commissions. The quality is therefore not always perfect, and especially does not cover all languages. African or South American languages are often not taken into account by Netflix, but the platform focuses on a growing number of geographical areas.

By customizing your subtitles (positioning, font, color of your subtitles), you can:

  • Understand your content in the language that suits you best
  • Easily learn a new language by choosing foreign language subtitles
  • Have access to the entire library of subtitles available on the net, whether they are made by professionals or amateurs.
  • Customize the appearance and positioning of your subtitles to your liking

Would you like to do this? We’ll show you how.

Netflix custom subtitles: the different steps

Specialized in subtitling, our team at Checksub wants to make videos accessible to as many people as possible. So we created a Chrome add-on that allows you to display the subtitles of your choice on your browser. The process is quite simple.

1# Download and install the Checksub extension on your browser

Go to this page and press the download button. The download and setting up will then be done automatically.

2# Go to your video platform and turn on the add-on

You can go for example to, and then activate the extension in your browser settings. An icon will then appear in the banner at the top of your page.

3# Customize your subtitles to your liking

To get the subtitles of your choice, you just have to use the Checksub editing tool. You can change the color, the font and the position of your subtitles on the interface. Your changes will then be applied directly to your video.

Here are some tips to have pleasant and readable subtitles:

  • Choose white (or yellow) subtitles on a black background. This makes them stand out for your reading.
  • Preferably place your subtitles in the center and at the bottom of your video
  • Choose a font for your classic subtitles like Roboto or Open Sans in Regular mode. More info here.
  • Optimize the size of your subtitles according to the size of the different types of screens (on average 2% of the screen for desktop and laptop computers).

Something like that :

How to customize subtitles on Netflix and other streaming platforms?

How to generate custom subtitles?

Can’t find the subtitle file for your favorite series/movie/video? Then you can use our automatic subtitle generator. Our solution will transcribe, synchronize and even translate your streaming video content.

If you have the video file, you need to upload it to our application. In a few moments, our tool will create adapted subtitles. All you have to do is optimize and readjust the transcription on our integrated editor. Then you just have to click on “Export” to download the subtitle format of your choice!

Well, we hope we’ve helped you organize your next binge-watching session!

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