How to generate quality subtitles for your Uscreen VOD ?

You want to maximize your broadcast revenue by adding subtitles to your Uscreen's VODs ? Here's a solution to help you with that

March 10, 2021

Uscreen is a leading VOD creation platform. With Uscreen, you can stream on demand, create your own branded page, and monetize your views.

Building your own broadcast channel has never been easier! But how do you create professional subtitles to improve the accessibility of your content catalog?

We give you a reliable and productive solution to do so.

Why add subtitles to your Uscreen content?

Uscreen is popular among video professionals who can create their own distribution channel and make a living from their content. With features like online streaming, sales pages and marketing automation, you can make money from your streaming content.

However, how do you maximize your broadcast scope and so your revenue stream ? One of the answers is adding subtitles, which allow you to reach a much wider audience. But subtitles bring you other marketing benefits as well:

As you can see, it’s pretty interesting. Here’s a step-by-step method to do just that.

Uscreen subtitle: the different ways to do it

Uscreen doesn’t provide a lot of subtitling options for your hosted and VOD videos. But the video player still supports VTT files, and it is easy to add them. You can do it in three different ways:

For the first option, we warn you, this is a complicated method. Transcription requires a lot of time and very specific skills, which are those of professional transcriptionists. The difficulty of producing quality subtitles should not be underestimated, as there are a number of rules and standards that must be respected.

For the second option, automatic subtitling solutions can greatly facilitate the work, but still require human intervention.

For the third option, subtitling experts can take care of your video projects with a guaranteed quality result. Here we present our professional subtitling solution, Checksub, which combines the advantage of an automatic generator with the collaboration of experts.

How do I use an automatic Uscreen subtitle generator?

With the advent of speech recognition technologies, there are an increasing number of subtitling solutions available on the web. However, professional solutions are the most reliable for high volume, high demand projects.

Here we present our subtitling platform for collaboration with subtitling professionals (agencies and freelancers). With key features, it allows you to:

It’s the fastest and easiest way to go with our subtitling solution.

1# Upload your Uscreen video to the interface

To get started, register on the Checksub platform. Select your content and indicate its original language. You can also choose from a wide range of languages to translate if needed.

checksub interface

You have 10 minutes to test the platform. If this is not enough time for your first video, you can buy cheap credits.

The API will then perform the speech recognition and provide you with the result within minutes.

2# Check and optimize the result

When the result is ready, click on the language of your video and access the dedicated subtitle editor to check the synchronization.

3# Retrieve and send the VTT file to Uscreen

export subtitles in Checksub

When you are satisfied with the transcription, you can upload the file. By adding it to the Uscreen interface, your subtitles will appear immediately on your VOD and cloud videos.

Using a professional subtitling service

As you may have noticed, using Checksub by yourself saves a lot of time, but still requires a lot of effort and rigor.

We are well aware of this, and that’s why you can contact our subtitling service directly from our interface. Professional subtitlers and translators will then take care of your video projects. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information!

How to encode subtitles in your Uscreen video?

If you want to customize the appearance of your subtitles, you can also encode your subtitles into your video. To do this, you can also use our solution. Simply click on “Export” > “Export Video”. You will then have all the necessary tools to customize the appearance of your subtitles.

That’s how to make your video content accessible to everyone on Uscreen. Now we hope we’ve helped you give your VODs more punch!

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