How to add automatic subtitles to Adobe Spark videos?

You want to create subtitles effortlessly for your Adobe Spark videos ? We've got just the automatic solution that you need

March 8, 2021

With Adobe Spark, it has never been easier to create a video. Many social media managers, teachers, and students use this tool to create beautiful animations in no time.

But while Adobe Spark makes it easy to add text, it’s a bit time-consuming to do it to its full length. If you have a talking or interview video, it can make the work much harder.

How to add automatic subtitles to Adobe Spark videos?

Here is a way to save time by using an automatic subtitle generator. You’ll see, it’s very simple.

Why add subtitles to your Adobe Spark videos?

With its image, page, and video editing software, the Adobe Spark bundle is the perfect solution for generating content in no time, especially with its IOS and Android apps. Adobe Video Spark is especially useful for making and editing videos for social media.

Its features and templates are great for making impactful creations for your brand. The video platform allows you to effortlessly add text to illustrate your visuals. Even if it’s a start, it’s rather difficult to create subtitles with such a tool.

Instead, automatic subtitle solutions allow you to take full advantage of subtitles. These include :

  • Subtitles improve the viewing and engagement rate of your videos, with greater visual impact on social media (especially with sound-off playback).
  • You share your video with a diversity of languages and nationalities around the world.
  • Your users are more likely to interact with your videos, reacting directly to what you’re saying.
  • You allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand your content.

If you’re interested, here’s how to caption effectively on Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark subtitles: The different ways to do it

There are many ways to do this without wasting too much time. Depending on the length of your video and your means, you can quickly get the job done. You can for example

  • Manually add text sequences to your video with Adobe Spark. This is a bit tedious, but you can customize and embellish your videos this way. It’s quite effective for short videos. Here’s how to do it.
  • Use an automatic subtitle generator. By uploading your video, it will take care of transcribing and synchronizing your subtitles in an instant. Your subtitles will then be inlaid on your video, and that’s it. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution for medium-length projects.
  • Call a subtitling professional. If you have a large and consequential video project, this is the solution you can trust.

Our Checksub platform combines both automatic technology and professional expertise. Here’s how you can use it for your Spark project.

How do I use an automatic subtitle generator on Adobe Spark?

As speech recognition technologies have become more widespread, many automatic captioning solutions have been introduced to the market. Supporting transcription, audio/video synchronization, and even foreign language translation, these solutions provide fast, high-quality results. Among them, our solution is particularly well suited for Adobe Spark-based captioning. It allows you to :

  • Automatically and accurately transcribe your videos (Advanced Speech Recognition API)
  • Collaborate with professional subtitlers and translators to manage your video project.
  • Translate your video into more than 128 languages (translation based on in-depth learning)
  • Easily change and customize the appearance of your subtitles

Here is the step-by-step method to use it :

1# Upload your video on the interface

To get started, login to the Checksub platform. By logging in, you will then be able to upload your Adobe Spark video that you have previously exported. Select your content and specify its original language. You can also choose between several languages to translate if necessary.

checksub interface

To try out the platform, you have one hour free of charge. If that is not enough time, you can purchase credits at a low price.

The API will then perform the speech recognition and provide you with the result in a few minutes.

2# Check and optimize the transcription

How to add automatic subtitles to Adobe Spark videos?

When the result is ready, you can click on the language of your video and access the dedicated subtitle editor to check and optimize the synchronization.

3# Export your subtitled video

export subtitles in Checksub

When you are satisfied with the result, you can then directly retrieve your video with the embedded subtitles. Just press “Export” and then “Export Video” to download the file. That’s it, you can then broadcast this file on all your video platforms and social networks!

Requesting a professional subtitling service

As you can see, creating subtitles is still quite complex. This is even more true if you have a large volume of Adobe Spark video that is difficult to transcribe (ambient noise).

Fortunately, there are also professional services that can take care of your Adobe Spark video projects. With the help of proven human expertise, they will deliver your projects in a short time frame and with high quality. For example, our subtitling experts are at your service!

Now you know how to caption without making any effort. We hope this helps you make videos in the blink of an eye!

How to add automatic subtitles to Adobe Spark videos?
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