Subtitles API: a top 6 of the most fast and efficient

You're looking for the best subtitle API out there ? We've got you a full list to help you build your video application or platform.

April 19, 2021

Want to code a video application or service that handles subtitles efficiently? Nothing better than an API to make the job easier!

By using a captioning API on your website or application, you give your users direct access to a captioning service.

Here is our list of the best subtitling APIs on the net. Whether you need to search, generate or edit subtitles, they will help your users save time.

Why use a subtitle API in your website or application?

With the expansion of video needs on the internet and social media, users are more than ever looking for services and applications to create videos quickly.

This also applies to subtitling, as it’s a long and tedious job. For a developer or a company that wants to scale and automate its service, subtitling APIs are then the best way to help your users. They bring you many benefits:

Interested? Here is our selection of the best subtitle APIs for all needs and resources.

Subtitle API : which one to choose ?

Subtitle search API : Open subtitles

Based on the huge database of Open Subtitles website, Open Subtitles API provides a full subtitle search application. Its protocol allows users to access a large database to subtitle their movie or series. If you want to create a streaming or OTT service, this is an interesting application.

Transcription API: Takenote

Want to allow your users to transcribe their video? An API like Takenote will enable them to generate an automatic transcription of their content. Nothing like it to optimize their SEO, share and make their content more accessible.

AI video captioning API: Neural Talk

Deep AI is an organization of artificial intelligence researchers who are working on advanced image and speech recognition applications. With Neural Talk, you have an API to caption and transcribe images and sounds in a video. Very useful if you want to scale a video monitoring or sorting service.

Video translation API: Pairaphrase

Getting a reliable video translation service is not easy. The Pairaphrase API allows your users to send projects to certified translators. It not only handles video files, but also any other type of audio or text file. Perfect for adding a translation option to your video creation or editing service.

Subtitles for YouTube API

YouTube has already very interesting stock of community-made subtitles. Why not take advantage of it? The Subtitle for YouTube API allows your users to find and download the subtitle file. It’s also a great way to mine the platform’s resources and data.

All-in-one subtitle service API: Checksub

Checksub is a subtitle platform that combines automatic technology with the professional expertise. With speech-to-text and advanced workflow, we provide you with one of the best subtitling services on the net.

Our API allows you to subtitle, translate and transcribe all your videos automatically or through a professional expert. You get a way to handle any kind of subtitling or transcription need, all this with great speed and precision.

We’ll let you test it all. Otherwise, we hope we’ve helped you create the video platform of your dreams!

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