What are the Best Free online Subtitle Editors ?

Are you looking for an online subtitle editor to create or edit your video subtitles for free ? We help you find the one that we'll do the job

April 23, 2021

Want to subtitle short videos, or make small adjustments to your subtitle file (SRT, VTT)?

There are plenty of online subtitle editors that can help you do the job. But it’s not easy to choose the one that provides the fastest workflow.

Here’s a list of subtitling websites that can suits you the best.

Why edit your subtitles online ?

As social media content creator, you might need to caption manually without wasting time. Or as a video producer, you might need to quickly edit your imperfect SRT file from your script.

In all these cases, online subtitle editors are perfect for adding subtitles to your video by hand. All you have to do is transcribe the video, and you will get a ready-to-use subtitle file or embedded subtitles in your video.

They bring you the best benefits of subtitling in no time:

Are you up for it? Here is our selection of the best subtitle file editors on the net. From the least good to the best.

Free online subtitle editor : a top 6

6. Subtitle Edit online

Subtitle Edit online is the HTML5 version of the popular subtitle editor of the same name. With the tool, you can quickly add a subtitle file or a video and work on the transcription. Alas, the interface has aged rather well, and you have to synchronize your subtitles one by one. So the UX makes the work quite long and complicated. You can use it if you want to quickly correct a subtitle file.

5. Subtitle horse

Subtitle Horse has a more ergonomic interface than Subtitle Edit. The transcript editor shows you the right length for your subtitle sequences. You can drag and drop text onto the timeline. The features are also richer. But it is difficult to follow video and audio at the same time when synchronizing subtitles.

4. Clideo

Clideo is known to be the most convenient and immediate online video tool. The site provides complete tools to trim, convert and crop your video. The included subtitle editor is quite effective and allows you to add text sequences in no time. You can also arrange the style of your subtitles. Otherwise, the problem is the same as Subtitle Edit: the time indications are not detailed enough to do the job properly. is very useful to do video editing in no time. It also offers you a rather complete subtitle editor. Adding text is intuitive and fast. You have a lot of textual customization possibilities that are very aesthetic. Another interesting thing is that you can easily combine it with the automatic subtitle generator. On the other hand, the synchronization task is still very complicated.


Kapwing is one of the best free subtitle editing tools. You can create text sequences with one click. You can easily change their appearance. You can even generate subtitles automatically, although the result is not perfect. However, once again, synchronizing by yourself is still quite time-consuming and tiring.

All-in-one subtitle editor: Checksub

For years, we at Checksub have been working on a tool that allows you to subtitle your videos in record time. With its advanced speech-to-text technology, synchronization interface and ergonomic editor, creating subtitles has never been easier.

We believe in our product so much that we decided to offer you the manual editor for free. You can benefit from the Checksub interface and a spectrograph to make your changes. This is the free online subtitle editor that saves you the most time.

And if you have a bigger project, you can also take advantage of the full Checksub service to :

Here, we let you try it all. We hope it will speed up your video creation!

Subtitle 8 times faster with powerful technology. ⚡

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