Best caption or subtitle styles : a full guide

Want to get readable, fresh and colorful subtitle style ? We show you here how to proceed, with some design samples

April 22, 2021

Have you ever found the style of subtitles on YouTube a bit bland and colorless? Or simply not very readable and pleasing to the eye?

To have a full visual experience, there is nothing like aesthetic subtitles!

But how to customize your captions by yourself, and what kind of style and font to choose? We give you a guide to get started here.

Why style your subtitles properly ?

We all know the generic style of subtitles on video platforms. Even though these formats are quite easy to read and understand, they can look a bit trite and boring.

So, if you want to attract more attention or brighten up your binge-watching sessions, it’s interesting to know how to customize their style.

Even more, the style of the subtitles can create a visual experience of its own:

Seeking a way to make your subtitles look good? Follow the way!

How to customize your caption style ?

When it comes to creating subtitles, there are actually few programs that allow you to customize their style. In fact, subtitle files like SRT do not take into account the appearance of subtitles and video platforms have few customization possibilities.

So you need an application that allows you to both edit the appearance of your subtitles and embed their format in your video. Our Checksub tool, for example, in addition to transcribing, synchronizing and even translating your videos automatically, allows you to edit and encode your subtitles.

But if you don’t want to create subtitles, one of the best ways is to use an add-on to test different subtitle styles on your screen. In particular, our free Google Chrome extension Checksub allows you to change the style of your subtitles displayed on your browser. You can experiment with your design ideas in real time!

To use it, it’s pretty simple:

Subtitle style : a top 5 of the best formatting

Not very inspired? Here are some sample subtitle styles that will catch the eye and keep your viewer’s attention. These are just examples, of course, you can use them to fuel your creativity! Let’s go!

The classic: Roboto, white colored, and black background

Available everywhere, this very classic style of subtitle is also very effective. Roboto’s ergonomic and well-designed outlines are suitable for quick reading. The white color also stands out very well against a black background. A choice that works every time.

Most readable: Open sans, yellow, and black background

Open Sans is another classic font. Very accessible, it makes a good contrast yellow colored and combined with a black background. With it, you won’t miss a bit of the show!

The fancy one: Lato italic, white, grey linear background

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your video, Lato is the perfect candidate to caption your fantasy or science fiction movies, especially in italics. With an original linear or radial background color, it is even more appealing to the eyes.

The eccentric: Lora, radial blue, black background

Want to go even further? A serif like Lora takes you into uncharted territory. When combined with a radial blue color, it brings a sense of mystery to your videos.

Checksub Original: Arial, rose-violet radial, black background

At Checksub, we invented our own subtitle design, making colors shine like never before, without losing readability. The Arial format, with pink-purple radial coloring and a white outline, replace easily the classic style and brighten up the reading experience.

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