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Why is that important to call on a professional service?

You save time and energy by assigning your video project to a professional subtitler.


You make sure to meet high requirements in terms of accessibility and customer experience.


You save money by using a service that has efficient and scalable processes

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As you might know, adding subtitles to your video is one of the best way to improve the viewing experience. Subtitles increase the accessibility of your videos for healing-impaired audiences and provide them with a readable visual support. With translation, they also help you share your content around the world, regardless of nationality and language.

But not just any type of captions can do the trick. Doing subtitles is actually a hard and demanding job, that needs to comply to specific rules and format. For example, the media and broadcasting industry in the United States strict regulations (Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010). They follow also precise guidelines like the ones of BBC or Channel 4. That includes :

- Transcribing the speech of your video accurately and withing a proper format. 
- Making subtitles in a readable and accessible style
- Translating properly the semantic and cultural differences of each language
- Having a work-flow productive repeatable and scalable.

Different types of professional captioning services


The cheapest option with medium quality and low warranty.


Take care of your big video workload but often slow in processing


Intermediary who ensures the relay between your project and the subtitlers


Combine human expertise and automatic technologies to get your subtitles faster.

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Depending on the subtitle company or agency, there are different types of services you can get : 

Freelance and self-employed

This is the cheapest option on the market. By hiring a freelancer, you get quality subtitles for your video for a reasonable price and delivery delay. However, it all depends on which independent subtitlers you are relying on. They don’t have the same skills and experience, and they don’t handle all languages. 

Translation and subtitling agencies 

There are the oldest and most experienced providers on the market. They provide the skills of professional teams of translators and subtitlers to take care of your big video workload. They often have diverse area of expertise in terms of media type, software, and languages. But they are slow in adopting new technologies to speed up their workflow. So they are not the most effective service providers on the market.

Platforms for subtitle service providers

Subtitle platforms connect you directly with subtitling and translation professionals (agencies and freelancers). They will take charge of your project according to the deadlines and conditions you choose. The benefits are that you get attractive prices and the expertise of actors who have already proven their skills. The drawback is that you don’t have always full visibility and control on your projects.

Professional and automatic subtitle applications

This is the latest innovation in the subtitle marketing. Applications like Checksub combine human expertise and automatic technologies. They process your video with speech-to-text based transcription processing and hire subtitle experts that will optimize your result. They also take care of professional video translation project by using both translation API and human translator expertise. With this choice, you make sure you get the best and fastest result on the market for your video strategy and company needs. 

How to choose subtitling service?

Video workload

Price / Hour

Audience to target

Customer experience

Supported languages

Options available

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When you’re looking for the best subtitle service on the market, there are many factors to consider depending on your needs, workload and project. Here what you should look for when making your decision :

- Your video workload: if you have large and sophisticated projects, it's best to turn to dedicated subtitle companies and agencies. If you have smaller ones, freelancers or subtitling solutions.
- The audience you want to target: if you're targeting a French audience, it's best to use a French language expert.
- The number of languages supported : not all services translate the same languages.
- Service pricing : you should compare the price/hour of subtitling, the cost of credits and the types of subscriptions available.
- Customer experience: Customer support is not the same from one company to another.
- The range of features (transcription, subtitle customization, file formats, subtitle fonts, etc.)

Why is checksub an expert of subtitling services?

Experienced subtitlers

Best technlogy in use

+128 languages available

Advanced editing process

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The originality of our approach at Checksub is to combine human and AI services to bring great value to video professionals. Our professional translator and subtitlers partners are especially . We hire them for their long and tested experience in the video industry. They also know how to use our subtitle tool to speed up their subtitle workflow like never before.
With that, Checksub has become the platform of choice for connecting professionals and clients, where everyone finds value through a user-friendly and powerful interface. Specific features of our solution include:
An advanced speech recognition API. A collaborative interface with subtitlers and translators to process your video projectAn automatic translation engine to translate your video, with 128 different languages available. A powerful and easy-to-use online subtitle editor.

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