Spread your videos,
in every language

Checksub allows you to generate subtitle, dubbing and spread your videos to everyone, everywhere using AI.
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Spread your videos
in every language.

Perfect subtitles
in minute, not weeks.

We spent 6 years developing the best automatic subtitling platform, no matter what language you use.


All automatic subtitling isn't created equal. We use the best AIs to save you the trouble of proofreading.

Script -> Subtitles

If you have a script, we convert it automatically into subtitles synchronized with your video. Now you don't even have to proofread the subtitles.

Generate quality translations
in 200 languages.

Grow your audience by offering them your content in their native languages without effort.

State-of-the-art translation

We automatically generate an accurate translation of your subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, French, or one of the 200 other languages.

Designed for subtitles

Our machine translation workflow handles specifics of subtitling to offer you a premium translation from the start.

Dub your videos
into other languages with AI.

We generate a quality dubbing for every speaker of your videos. We keep your original audio background and replace only the original voice. That's premium AI Dubbing!

Voice cloning

With one click, you can replace your original voice-over with your cloned voice in 8 languages. The result is amazing.
Watch an example.

Voice isolation

To improve the quality, we separate your music and background noise from the original voices. This allows to replace only the voice while keeping the audio atmosphere.

More impact
with stylish subtitles.

Checksub offers dozens of settings to customize the style and animations of your subtitles. This offers hundreds of possibilities to always standing out.

Burn-in subtitles

From Checksub you can export your video by burning the subtitles in your video. And if you prefer, it is always possible to export a subtitle file.

Animated subtitles

Checksub allows you to go even further in the customization of your subtitles with the styles and animations settings. You can apply a karaoke animation in one-click. If you prefer, you can use our pre-built template.

You create great content,
and we spread it, everywhere.

Video content creation can quickly become a Pharaonic work.
We've designed Checksub to unleash your team's potential
by automating the distribution workflow.
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New opportunities with your videos.

The Checksub platform allows you to maximize the impact of all your videos.

Translate your training videos

You create a video in one language, and we are able to translate it into 200 languages. No need to create a video per language for your teams.

Boost your audience on social media

Add subtitles, style them and manage the publication of your videos from Checksub. This will change everything in your way of publishing videos on social media.

Grow the audience of your videos

Translate your videos and publish them on your YouTube channels in different languages. You increase your audience, your revenues and your SEO without creating new videos.
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Oct 5, 2022
Delphine, CH

I love the platform

I love the platform! I was extremely surprised by the quality of the automated subtitles. The platform is very intuitive, it's easy to make changes and to adjust the format of the subtitles. I highly recommend it!
May 17, 2022
Dan Hasalik, CZ


Very nice piece of software. Automatic transcription works pretty well. In the end, you need just a little bit of post editing and you are ready to go.
Aug 10, 2022
Brent Barett, CA

Checksub is by far a superior product…

Checksub is by far a superior product compared to its competitors.
Apr 13, 2022
Ali Rachidi

Our startup has loved this product...

Our startup realized the potential of adding sub-titles to the digital content we present at our online events in order to boost our audience. Needless to say, we wanted a solution that could be implemented fast and easy, and Checksub checked all those marks. Within less than a week, the subtitling options were on. That's thanks to the diligence and customer support of Checksub.
April 12, 2022
Alissane Quéméneur, LU

Amazing product

This product is so great, simple and easy to understand, i'm really impressed! I recommend it guys!
April 6, 2022

Awesome subtitles!

Excellent service that provides subtitles of great quality through an easy-to-use process. The quality of the product is very good: the translations were accurate and up-to-date, the subtitles were precise and correct.
Overall a great experience and I cannot recommend them enough
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How it's working

A new way
to spread your content.

Upload your finished video to Checksub.

You can upload one or more videos at a time.

Generate subtitles.

Add subtitles to your video in minutes. Review and share your project with your team thanks to Checksub's editor.

Generate the dubbing.

Generate a localization of your video with great voice-overs.

Export and publish your project

Now that your video is ready, you can export your video, an SRT file, an audio or publish it directly to YouTube.
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