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16 Most Entertaining and Interesting German YouTubers to Watch

Do you want to know the best German YouTube channels to learn more about the German language and way of living ? Here are the most engaging.

July 16, 2021

Want to learn the German language or have a closer look at the German way of life?

YouTube is one of the best places to discover foreign creators who will entertain you, motivate you and make you learn a little more about their life. When watching them, it’s quite simple, you’ll think you’re living with them, like a real German!

Here are 16 German YouTubers who will make you part of their world, whether it’s through gaming, comedy or science.

Most Entertaining German YouTube Channel

Phil Laude – Amusing Short Parodies

Phil Laude is one of the funniest German YouTubers. With short and punchy formats, he is sure to make you laugh with his writing and humor. He has this biting irony which makes you laugh at everyday scenes and problems.

Paluten – Fun Gaming Channel

Paluten is one of the most famous German gaming YouTubers. And for good reason : his mimics are so expressive and funny ! You’ll see him playing games that are crazier than the others, putting him in improbable situations. Nothing like it to cheer up those Sundays.

The Heute-Show – The German-like Night Show

Do you like American Night Shows? You’ll love The Heute-Show, a topical format that plays on humor and political discussions. Jeremy Clarkson and his team of reporters take you inside the events that are shaping German society. For your enjoyment, they reveal and mock with lightness the inconsistencies of politicians and the habits of Germans. With their videos, you are sure to know the German way of life!

Malwanne – Surprising Eating Experiments

The least we can say is that Malwanne takes us on improbable culinary experiences. Whether it’s a pizza that tastes like a burger, a rainbow pie or a pudding from the 50s, she’ll take you through all the palettes of taste with adorable humor. The perfect way to get hungry before a meal!

JPPerformance – Auto Reviews

With his smile and his constant good mood, JP Performance will delight you by testing the newest cars. His great expertise will enlighten you on the right buying choices and the outlook on the automotive market. This is a must-see for any car fan.

Most Instructive German YouTubers

MrWissen2go – Secret Truths Revealed

MrWissen2go tells you everything about the cases and events that define the news of yesterday and today. With great pedagogy, he has a gift for making his lessons exciting and accessible to everyone. In his series “Die Wahreit” he will tell you all about the secrets of great organizations and moments in history. Just take a look at it !

Galileo – Investigation of Societal Subjects

Galileo is a channel that takes a more focused look at little-known or taboo subjects. You will learn about the science of food, about people in particular social situations, or about unusual objects or technologies. Very interesting for the curious minds.

Kurzegsagt – Deep Reflections with Stunning Animation

Kurzegsagt is one of the most fascinating German YouTube channels. With great eloquence, it tells about the great mysteries of the universe and our place in this still unknown world. You will gain new philosophical insights into the destiny of humanity and our earth. A must-see!

Psychology Geek – Mind and Emotions Explained

Psychology Geek is hosted by a YouTube artist who wanted to make psychology accessible to everyone. By tackling topics about our mental and emotional life, she wants to help us better understand what can happen to us or to others. With diagrams and very enlightening explanations, she allows us to better live with our fears and desires.

Robert Hoffman- Stimulating Movie Discussions

Robert Hoffman is always on the lookout for the latest movie releases to give his expert opinion. With these videos, you’ll always be sure to pick the right movie and have a great time. Robert will also teach you a little more about the techniques and practices of cinema, so you can become a good critic yourself. So don’t hesitate!

100SekunderPhysik – Quick and Insightful Physics Explanations –

You can’t help but marvel at 100SekunderPhysik’s videos. In just a few minutes, you can learn a lot about essential physical problems and phenomena. With such expressive and aesthetically pleasing animations, these lessons will stay in our minds for a long time.

Best How-to German YouTube Channels

SophiaThiel – Motivating Fitness Advice

Lacking motivation to do your morning exercises? SophiaTiel will guide you with her boundless energy. She will also show you the best ways to lose weight, slim down or simply stay in shape. Sophia is an inspiring person who will help you to be the best you can be.

Sallys Welt – Best German Cook on YouTube

Nothing is more enjoyable and appetizing than watching Sallys Welt’s cooking lessons. Sally has no shortage of imagination and know-how to guide you through the secrets of German cooking (which includes tender and delicious cakes), but also dishes from around the world. A must-see if you have the soul of a cook!

SlivkiShow DE – Numerous Life Hacks

The small details of our daily lives sometimes make all the difference. That’s why SlivkiShow gives you the life hacks you always needed to save time on the little things. These ingenious tips will take you through some amazing life experiments, along with the cute face of a kitten.

Beauty and Girly Advice – Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee is one of those Youtubers who share her beauty and girly advice with her followers. She is a great influencer who will seduce you with her practical tips, her personal questions, but also her moments of sharing with her friends and family. If you like to connect with YouTubers, you’ll love it.

JoergSprave – Inventive Weapon Demonstrations

JoergSprae’s warfare demonstrations are simply awesome. This Youtuber specialized in the invention of improbable weapons and equipment will surprise you with every video. If you are a fan of gunpower and sharp weapon, this channel is made for you!

That’s it, we’ve made the tour of our favorite German video creators. Now it’s your turn to dive into the German culture and society!

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