You are a video creator, a marketer, or an employee who don’t know where to host their videos?

You may have already noticed the enormous possibilities of video hosting solutions on the market !

The least complicated solution would then be to upload your video on YouTube. But, we warn you right away, it’s not the best idea.

In fact: these solutions have so many strong and different benefits, that it would be a waste of money not to at least test some of them.

Good thing is, at Checksub, we’re passionate about the technologies around video creation. We’ve made a list according to very specific uses, which will help you make the right choice !

Best Hosting Sites: For Every Use

We start with solutions that have such broad and effective features that you can use them for just about anything. Whether it’s for marketing, your website, or video creation, they’re a must-have tools!



How does it work? Vimeo is the number one for independent video hosting. It provides a simple embedding solution and a discreet and ad-free video player. It also has more creative editing features and all-in-one streaming technology. The free option is wide and the prices are reasonable (starting at $7 per month).

Who is it for? Vimeo is ideal for those who need a little of everything. It is designed for webmasters who want to benefit from a free video hosting option that is both elegant and powerful. It finds its audience not only among marketers and businesses, but is also aimed at creators of short films, animations and sports videos.



How does it work? Dailymotion is the best known alternative to YouTube. It’s a simple and efficient way to host your videos. In just a few clicks, you can publish and embed your content with an aesthetic player. The major benefit is obviously a free unlimited option up to 2Gb and 1 hour of content with advertising. You get the convenience of YouTube but without showing it and with a more elegant interface.

Who is it for? Dailymotion is for video creators who don’t have a lot of money but still want to benefit from a high quality hosting. If you want to quickly make your video accessible, this is a safe choice. You can also benefit from an additional audience, less than on YouTube, but with less competition too.



How does it work? A multi-purpose tool, Vidyard has very wide features. From video creation and editing, to performance analysis, to secure hosting, it provides a variety of tools for your video content strategy. Its video screen capture features, video editor interface and tracking tools aim at all kinds of objectives.

Who is it for? Since Vidyard has a fairly high pricing, it is aimed at those who want an extremely complete solution to take care of everything. Whether it is for corporate, marketing or sales purposes, it ensures you an optimal service. It is therefore particularly suitable for large sites and companies that are looking for an all-in-one solution.

Video Hosting: the Best choice for Business

Whether for internal or external communication, every company needs a reliable and efficient hosting solution. Here are three choices particularly adapted to the creation of videos with professional design and enhanced security technology.



How does it work? Sproutvideo’s credo is to help companies with any kind of video problem. It provides a complete and secure video embedding solution to manage hosting and to easily evaluate the performance of your content. It also has other features such as streaming tools, viewers forms, playlists, collaboration and customization. It also provides highly available customer service.

Who is it for? Sproutvideo is very well suited for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get their hands on their video content. With a reasonable pricing, you can create by yourself a video content strategy that suits you.


How does it work? Dacast is a professional solution for broadcast and streaming companies. It provides reliable capture and retransmission technology for filming live events, conferences and courses. In addition to its HTML5 and RTMP video player, it also has embedded features and a powerful API that enables high-quality video rendering.

Who is it for? Dacast is of course for broadcasting companies, but also for universities, associations and media organizations that need a reliable live streaming solution. It can also help companies that need an API or a complete technology to integrate into their video data infrastructure.

Spotlightr (former VooPlayer)


How does it work? Spotlightr increases your brand visibility by providing you with a powerful, all-in-one video platform. With its integrated and secure hybrid hosting system, its various video player customization and its numerous tracking and marketing automation tools, it takes your content strategy to the next level.

Who is it for? Spotlightr is designed for mid-size companies that want to boost their brand visibility and control their video strategy. If it is very focused on marketing, it is also intended for coaches and educators who want a high quality hosting solution. In all cases, it is intended for advanced users who know what they are doing.

What are the best hosting solutions for video professional?

Here we will tackle the core of the subject: high-end technology solutions for aesthetic and powerful videos. With these tools, you will be able to reveal the potential of your video content.



How does it work? BrightCove is the most professional solution for large businesses and media organizations. With its Cloud Video solution, it allows you to deliver your videos and stream them across all platforms with flawless reliability. With its powerful OTT service, it offers a full-fledged TV experience and lets you monetize your content your way.

Who is it for? BrightCove is popular with large corporations and media organizations that want to create innovative and compelling video projects. But it also aims large streamers and content creators who want to create their own delivery channel and create large-scale events.



How does it work? JWplayer will boost the monetization of your video content with its high performance hosting and streaming service. Its real-time video integration, data collection and tracking technology is designed to increase the engagement and revenue of your videos in detail.

Who is it for? JWplayer is also intended for large companies and video players who want to accelerate their marketing campaigns. It is particularly successful with large media companies that want to improve the profitability of their advertising space and news content.



How does it work? Targeting video actors with fewer resources, Uscreen is the complete tool to distribute and monetize your videos. By enabling you to create an OTT app, easily integrate a player and streaming, and track your playback data, it saves video creators time on their sales process. On top of that, the service includes customization tools that allow you to build your whole brand identity.

Who is it for? As mentioned, Uscreen is the perfect tool for video professionals who want to take control of their sales channels. The tool is very complete to manage the marketing strategy and invent its own distribution channel with many monetization formats.

Where to Host Marketing Videos?

Videos have become the true center of sales and marketing. Here you will find solutions specifically designed to increase the impact of your videos on your audience and potential customers.



How does it work? Wistia is the leading video marketing platform, as it is the most ergonomic tool to manage a marketing strategy from start to finish. With its fully customizable hosting tool, video player, call to action and podcast player, it is quick and easy to make your content accessible to a growing audience. Creating a video marketing channel, managing and redirecting your audience to your content and linking them with a CRM has never been easier.

Who is it for? Wistia is the preferred choice of marketers and innovative start-ups. By providing a fast video distribution and promotion tool, it allows you to focus on the creativity of your content, and to offer new experiences to your audience.



How does it work? Vidalytisc is the best tool for optimizing the marketing performance of your videos. With its advanced technology for measuring and analyzing your data, such as smart autoplay and in-depth video playback tracking, it focuses entirely on increasing the engagement, conversion and profitability of your ads. Of course, it also has efficient hosting, integration and advanced personalization solutions for your content.

Who is it for? Vidalytics is designed for agencies and start-ups that rely on an almost scientific optimization of their video campaign. Any marketer looking for performance will find with the tool the information to increase their viewing and sales data.



How does it work? Hippovideo is the original and innovative solution to increase the reach of your prospecting and sales videos. With its integration technologies on platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and linked to your CRM, you can immediately improve the engagement of your prospecting campaigns. Also including personalization and tracking tools, you can adapt your message to any type of audience.

Who can benefit from Hippovideo? Hippovideo is primarily aimed at sales and marketing people who want to accelerate their sales campaigns. Its video solution that integrates quickly on all email platforms and social networks saves you time in your sales tunnel. Finally, Hippovideo also provides a hosting solution for educational, interactive and customer communication videos.

Automatic Subtitle Solution: Checksub

You finally found the video host of your dreams? Not so fast! We have another piece of advice for you:

For the past few years, the stakes of videos watched without sound has become a determining factor, especially on social networks. By pushing you to create more visual and interactive videos for your audience, it leads you to improve the accessibility of your content through clear and readable subtitles.

Good thing is, it’s already been 4 years since we at Checksub have been working on an automatic subtitling solution to save you time on this process. With our tool for video creators, you can subtitle your videos up to 6 times faster. It combines :

  • An advanced API of voice recognition and automatic translation to analyze your video, including 128 different languages available.
  • A powerful and easy-to-use online subtitle editor
  • A collaborative platform for working with translators, clients and other partners

The process is simple:

  • Upload your video
  • Indicate the original language and the languages you may want to obtain (there are 128 languages in all).
  • Check the result and make changes individually or with your team.
  • Export the written transcript file and do whatever you want with it. Or encode subtitles into your video

We advise you to test all this. You will see, you may be pleasantly surprised 😉

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